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  • Live From Faraway Stables


    "Live From Faraway Stables" features two CD's and two DVD's containing the band's Newcastle Civic Theatre concert in April 2003. It is Silverchair's first live release.

    As with all the theatre shows on their "Across The Night" tour, this sold out concert was staged in two separate parts. "Live From Faraway Stables" preserves that structure with the quieter "Act One" and the rockier "Act Two" on separate discs for both the DVD's and the CD's. All 24 songs from the concert are featured on this release with a combined running time of more than two hours in each format.

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    • Act One
    • Overture
    • After All These Years (Live)
    • World Upon Your Shoulders (Live)
    • Tuna In The Brine (Live)
    • Luv Your Life (Live)
    • Paint Pastel Princess (Live)
    • Petrol & Chlorine (Live)
    • Across The Night (Live)
    • Ana's Song (Live)
    • Miss You Love (Live)
    • Steam Will Rise (Live)
    • Act Two
    • Overture
    • Emotion Sickness (Live)
    • Without You (Live)
    • Israel's Son (Live)
    • Black Tangled Heart (Live)
    • Do You Feel The Same (Live)
    • The Greatest View (Live)
    • The Door (Live)
    • Freak (Live)
    • Anthem For The Year 2000 (Live)
    • One Way Mule (Live)
    • Asylum (Live)
    • The Lever (Live)