Sydney, Australia (Young Modern Launch)

By Simanion

If you dont like reading then.. just stop. Now.

My first time seeing Silverchair live and it was unbelievable! Im still kind of buzzing Laughing I love that feeling after a great gig.

This may annoy some people but by the time myself and my friend got to the venue they were pretty much letting anybody who walked up through the door. Anyone could have gone in! Including you!

Here was a highlight for the ages: it was an open bar. Free beer, wine, V, water and vodka etc PLUS food people walking around with platters of pies, tiny pizzas and other such auderves. All other bands take note.

Before they started we were just mingling in what felt like an aircraft hangar with cool lights and high levels of steam.. The stage backdrop was an awesome YM themed stucture with squares that had different lights shone on them. I got a chance to quickly "catch up" (although i kept losing people) with gayest_straight_boy and Darkshines, and briefly meet Kill Me If I Wake Up Dead and Everyone Takes My Name (all are chairpage forum users), but I missed everyone else!

I wish I'd gotten there earlier so I could have scored a place right up front. I ended up being about 8 people back which was cool. I hate being a short arse though. Jabba came on and introduced them and then after alot of applauding they were on. Paul was there (I was hoping he would be) as well as the three brassketeers, and a new guy named Adam (surprise, surprise it was his birthday) playing piano - I think, or it may have been keys and Paul on piano, or they may have mixed it up.

They kicked it off with The Man That Knew Too Much, which really got a great groove going. It's far more fun and energetic live, and the addition of the brass was awesome. I always felt it lost something on the cd, but it gained a different kind of build up i guess.

Without You followed and it was sung absolutely beautifully. All notes hit perfectly. I knew after this song that this show was gonna be sweet. The sound was just perfect, the vocals were easily heard and all the instruments were very crisp.

I cant really remember the exact order of songs, but I think Emotion Sickness was next, and it never ceases to impress. Everyone loved it. There was a new (or new to me) keyboard or piano level on top of the notes played at the start of the "soft section" of this song. Quite atmospheric.

Somewhere around here they probably played Young Modern Station. The song sounded pretty much exactly the same as on record from memory and it was great to nod along to. Not a fav from the cd but was enjoyable.

The Greatest View rocked, the guitar sound was perfect and the 'real' brass always lifts this song even higher. The vocals i suppose will never be the same, but this was a notably better version than some recently, which could be said for alot of the show.

All Across The World was just fantastic, it was such a singalong. I suppose people knew it from the single. What it lost orchestra-wise, it made up for with electricity and sweet piano. the end "oohs" were extended too.

They played Tuna In The Brine! Which i honestly didnt expect. , Finally I got to hear it live and I loved it. Strong vocals. Its relatively unchanged from the ATN Tour, just better without any fake strings.

Luv Your Life was another awesome singalong moment. This song on cd has been one of the most enduring for me, loved it since i first heard it and still listen to it all the time. One of the best, most beautiful pop songs i've heard. And to finally hear it live was just too sweet! Everyone sang along as encouraged by Daniel, and again the brass make this song feel even more triumphant at its climax.

After Dan complained about his guitar sounding "shit house" at that moment, they played Ana's Song. It did its thing. Not a lot for me to say about this song live anymore sorry, I dont think it really fits the feel of the other songs at large. But i still enjoyed it as did others noticably.

Introduced as the "number 1 (or was it best?) song in the world..well maybe not the world but its pretty big here", Straight Lines was fantastic. Obviously there was a huge crowd singalong. I honestly think its the best I've heard him sing it live yet - he sounded to me like he hit the big notes, without any extreme straining. It seemed a bit slower than usual too. But it is definitely more of a rock song live, the guitar actually has a presence heh. the intro seemed new where he did these mutey guitar things..

They played Waiting All Day and i also liked it more live. Just seemed more energetic and charged. the vocals were really nice, especially in the bridge. Although i wish they'd played something else off YM.

The Door was really fun, complete with teeth solo which may or may not have chipped one of his teeth, and you could tell the guys enjoyed it. Chris' bass was badass! and there was fine drumming from Ben as usual.

Reflections of a Sound was played somewhere and I loved it, awesome pop song. The piano really stood out and made it sound really sweet. I really like this song on record and the electricity and added heaviness of it live really suits it. I cant for the life of me remember how the intro went, but it didnt detract from the song here.

Mind Reader went off, I love the crunch of the guitar in the intro. I couldnt tell if Ben missed his bit at the start and came in late or if thats how the song went..But i saw him look over at Paul and smile as if he'd stuffed up. I really love it live, again i think the track lost something on cd (but Dan's vocals are great on it) and I like it more without the female vocals.

Freak..you know the story. Everyone sang along and the screaming is actually more impressive live. I should probably mention that this wasnt a moshing kind of vibed concert. Everyone had their basic personal space and were just enjoying it. As soon as Freak came on this ONE guy barges through falling over all these people in this comical drunken surge to get to the front and "lose it" to Freak..

If You Keep Losing Sleep closed the show. Its a really fun closer too. Man I love this song, although it has a completely different identity live. everyone sang the "woo-dup" parts at the beginning, it was really funny. Great to sing and bounce along to. The brass dudes were again a big part of this song's dynamic live.

The guys were clearly all smiles. Ben stood up on his seat to show everyone his boxer shorts, i didnt really see what was on them or anything but he was obviously proud Laughing There was a really friendly atmosphere, dickheads were kept to a minimum (except for this chick who kept yelling "fucking play Slave" and the aforementioned drunk "single mosher").

So yeah, probably one of the best shows ive been to, if not the best. Still cant get over how good it all sounded.