Rolling Stone Readers Poll

(Rolling Stone (Australia))

Silverchair have polled extremely well in a readers survey recently circulated in the Australian version of Rolling Stone magazine.

The results were released in the April edition of Rolling Stone (Australia) that hit the streets today (March 14th) but for all you silverchair fans worldwide we have the results below.

  Winner Runners Up
Artist Of The Year: Daniel Johns Nine Inch Nails, Korn
Best Male Performer: Daniel Johns Jonathan Davis, Alex Lloyd
Best Band: Korn silverchair, Powderfinger
Best Album: The Fragile (NIN) Neon Ballroom, Issues (Korn)
Best Single: Nookie Falling Away From Me, Ana's Song
Best Tour: Big Day Out Neon Ballroom, Americana/The Offspring
Best Rock Artist: silverchair Powderfinger, Korn, Foo Fighters
Best Dressed: Daniel Johns  
Comeback Of The Year: Red Hot Chilli Peppers Nine Inch Nails, silverchair
Best Music Web Site: chairpage.com triplej.abc.net.au, Korn.com
The mag' also contains an interview with Daniel where he fields questions from fans.
Following is an example of what the interview holds.

Your song lyrics seem to contain such personal reflection and depth. Do you experience any difficulty in sharing them with other people, particularly if it's new material?
"Yes, I do initially because my lyrics expose parts of my life which I don't really talk about, but after a while I feel a sense of relief which is a gratifying part of writing."

What has been the most dramatic change either emotionally or towards your personality since silverchair became so successful?
"At first I was confused with the idea of fame, but I've learned to appreciate how lucky I am to be able to express myself for a living."

If you could change anything about this world's current situation, what would be your first decision? "For Neighbours to be played on weekends as well as weekdays."
[for our international fans Neighbours is an Australian soap opera that airs here week nights on commercial TV]

At the time of writing this post the Rolling Stone web site had info only on the March edition but I am assured the April edition will be up soon.

There is a link on the Australian Rolling Stone web site for subscriptions which may be useful for international people to obtain the magazine.