Melbourne, Australia (Pushover Festival)


Me and my friends had been waiting for this day for a while. They were more hyped up to see silverchair than i was. I didn't like them anywhere near as much as they did. We had the whole day to wait until silverchair closed the day. We watched bands such as Frenzal Rhomb, Jebediah, Snout, The Mavis's, Ammonia, Spiderbait, and of course silverchair. There were others but these are the only ones that stuck out in my mind.

I was separated from my friends in the Spiderbait mosh, so we planned to meet before silverchair appeared. I went to the place, but discovered later that they didn't want to leave there kewl place just in front of the stage. In the end I gave up waiting, and went into the pit by myself. As soon as silverchair appeared, the crowd went wild. I can't remember what they opened with, but I know it was that moment that I was bewildered with the thought that I was in the same building as Daniel Johns. I was also that point that silverchair became my favourite band. I had always liked their music, but wasn't fanantic about them like my friends were.

The moshing was really good, although quite rough. At one stage I was right in front of the stage (about 3 people behind), but I almost fainted with heat exhaustion and had to get to the edge for fresh air. Since it was my first time to a concert, and first time moshing, it was a big experience for me, with crowd surfers going overhead, and everyone going off. In the end, I was content with the place where I ended up, at the edge of the stage, about 10 people back, but had a clear view of the band.

Daniel introduced Pure Massacre by saying "This song is about penis'" and also another song by "I wrote this when I was 11". The band continued to play for just over an hour, and I can say I enjoyed it quite a lot.

The band then left the stage, and everyone started chanting "We want more, we want more..." Ben Gillies then came back out and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That had a really good effect, since it's not often that Ben gets to the microphone. About 2-3 more songs later, silverchair really did leave. The crowd thinned, but heaps of hopefuls still remained around the stage to try and catch a final glimpse of silverchair. I was one of those people.

Eventually I found my friends and we talked about our experiences, and raved on about how good it was. We agreed to see them again. Definitely.