Darwin Amphitheatre - Bass in the Grass - Darwin, Australia


This was the last show for the chair after the five Groovin the Moo's, next stop Darwin. Never been to Darwin before so I didn't really know too much about it, only that it's on top of Australia and it`s really hot. So coming from Brisbane where it's cold as we are in winter like most of Australia, it was really weird jumping into summer.
We got to the show about 4 pm. Short Stack was on and all teenies girls where lovin it. I didn't stay to see all the fuss, I walked around got some merch then to my surprise, they were giving out free posters and stubbie holders which I liked lol. I also caught up with a friend who I haven't seen in a few years. Next was Jessica Mauboy she was ok, the crowd loved her being home town girl. So now the heat was really building up and I was starting to hate it. Then Children Collide was up and the crowd was getting wild now and I`m so not enjoying all this lol.
I'm making my way to the front for the chair. Empire of the Sun took over and now crowd was getting more wild and wasn't too bad, as it was getting cooler. Now time for Hilltop Hoods and by now the crowd was going off, all but me lol! After the last 4 acts were on I was so not enjoying the crowd, it was ruff, I was wet from the guy with the hose and I was so feelin' sick, but I wasn't going to let all that stop me.
Ok now it's also most time for me to get a little crazy, Darwin are you ready? They were playing feelin' hot hot over the speakers, which Dan has been singing over past shows which I found funny. Then when that was over the Imperial March came on and it was the last time that we hear this intro on this tour. Silverchair walk out on stage, first was Ben, Chris and then Daniel.

First song of the night to kick it off in Darwin was Emotion Sickness, followed by Without You then Israel's Son. The guys just hit song after song without stopping then after Israel's Son Dan said hi to the crowd. Then someone in the crowd yelled something and then Dan was like we don't take requests. I could only imagine what song they yelled lol. Time for Darwin to hear a new song so who's turning Sixteen? Was the first of the two new ones to test on the crowd. The Crowd were getting into it. Next up was a song that the guys wrote when they were sixteen The Door as Dan continued to say.
As with most places the crowd love the old stuff and Darwin was no different. The Door was next and Dan said let me hear you scream for me and the crowd screams then Dan yells I'm not deaf in a funny voice, classic Dan. Now it's time to slow it down with Ana's Song, it starts with Dan singing soft vocals and his guitar as with the last few shows Dan had added some lyrics in the middle of the song.
This song is a new one and just for you Machina Collecta, the crowd really got into it as did Ben he was going off beating his drum like there was no tomorrow and Chris rocking out on his bass and I had a look around and there people having a dance which was good to see. The Greatest View made it's way into set which Dan mixed up the words in the second verse oops! Then straight into If You Keep Losing Sleep then Dan goes on to say Darwin we come here once every five years scream for me! Then next song was a hit Straight Lines. Coming to end they played Mind Reader and last song went off Freak. During this song I see Dan had a different guitar then the one he plays usually during Freak. At the end of the song Dan usually hung his guitar on the mic stand, but this time he was doing something diffrent. I see Bailey hand Dan a tin which then Dan goes over to his guitar pouring the liquid over the guitar and sets it on fire. It was awesome the crowd loved it and it was all over and goodbye Darwin and Bass In The Grass. Unroll next time!