Canberra University - Groovin' the Moo - Canberra, Australia




After another early morning we flew from Newcastle to Canberra via Melbourne. It was the only flight we could get! Suffice to say it made for a dreary flight and we were all pretty tired. After arriving in Canberra we headed to our hotel to freshen up before heading to the show. We had been warned that Canberra was quite chilly at night but I had no idea how cold it would be. Even wearing 3 pairs of socks I thought my toes were going to drop off and I couldn't actually feel my feet by the time I got back to the hotel!

The festival itself was around the same size as Bendigo I think but had a better layout. The crowd was pretty laid back by the looks of it and seemed to be having a great time. Due to the weather and lack of sleep, I spent most of the night inside a tent trying not to freeze. Although I think I may have been sitting in a wind tunnel as at some points it felt colder inside the tent than out. How girls walked around in shorts and a tee shirt I have no idea!  I had seen all of the other bands I wanted to see and still have Bunbury to go so I thought I'd just venture out for Silverchair.

I was very fortunate to be able to watch tonight's show from side stage and took my position about 15 minutes before the band were due to start. Seeing the crowd from this perspective was an awesome experience and I was surprised at how well you can make out everyone from the stage. I always had some twisted opinion that the crowd must all blur in to one from the stage from the lights, and in some situations that may be true. But it was the complete opposite tonight. I could see everyone and it was awesome to see the fans singing along and enjoying themselves. The band must get such a rush from seeing that.

The set list tonight was identical to Maitland in that Young Modern Station was cut from the start. I had thought that was a once off due to time restrictions, but obviously not. I really enjoy it live so I'm unsure why it has been dropped from the set list. I'm sure there is a reason for it though. Emotion Sickness had the extended bit on the end similar to last night and the crowd seemed especially pleased to be hearing Israel's Son. Hearing comments on the bus after the gig my observation was right as I overheard a few people commenting how pleased they were to hear it live.

16 and Machina Collecta were well received by the crowd and these songs continue to evolve and get better as the shows go on. It may be just my memory but I think there are slight variations in the lyrics too? Only slightly but I'm sure a few little changes are being made and tweaked.

Even though the show itself was great, I did get the feeling that the excitement and playfulness from the Maitland show wasn't really present tonight. The crowd was a little more subdued and quieter than last night which may have contributed to that even though everyone seemed to be enjoying it.  Daniel had a little bit of trouble with his guitar during Ana's Song and also at one point he ran out of picks after running his hand down the microphone stand and dropping them all over the floor! He also told a Kit Kat joke that I won't repeat here (am sure it has been retold on the forums) and he went into the photo pit to the crowd as he had in Maitland. The crowd certainly was louder when that happened!

The final 4 songs of the night had the crowd hooked and singing and bopping along. Being able to watch the show from a different perspective was such a great experience and I was able to see the bits and pieces happening behind the monitors and side stage to ensure the show was running smoothly and the sound was coming out perfect.

Overall, another great show and as the gig came to an end I struggled to believe that the time had gone so quickly and there is only 1 more Groovin The Moo gig to go. So, for me it is back to reality for a week before heading to Bunbury for the final show. I'm curious to see whether there will be any set list changes or anything special for the last gig but I'll soon find out and let you all know.