Australia (Gold Coast), September 2, 2007 Review

By Dazza (www.ultimate-guitar.com)


Reviewed by: Dazza, on September 03, 2007


The pairing of peraps two of Australia's most celebrated bands has been a huge success for the Music Industry. The gold Coast Convention Centre had it's roof lifeted off on the 2nd of September, as these two Giants took the stage. Silverchair was the first, and it was just as you'd expect from Daniel Johns. Outstanding live vocal ability, especially on the high notes, and they were outstanding at recreating the sound of the recordings. His guitar skill was exceptional, even going so far as to play half of "freak" with his teeth. Next was Powderfinger, and this was possibly one of the most inspiring Live performances I have ever witnessed. Bernard Fanning and the boys realy pulled off the sounds of their recordings, both new and old, even throwing in a couple of pure, acoustic performances. The quality of the concert on a whole was excellent.// 10


The perormance of both of the bands was extremely awe inspiring. The audience was heavily involved, with both bands pausing in the middle of songs to listen to the crowd sing. There was also heay jumping and moving around in the front of the arena. The song list was amazing, and some were absolutely spectacular.

01. Without You - this is always a crowd favourite, with Johns hitting all the right notes vocally, and getting the crowd heavily involved.
02. Reflections Of A Sound - one of the best new Silverchair songs in a good while, this is exceptional Live, the bottom end sounds from Chris Jouhanou are amazing.
03. Straight Lines - daniel Johns' Red SG, coupled with the falcetto screaming of Whoo Whoo by the crowd, provides superb entertainment.
04. Freak - one of the most anticipated songs of the entire set, and the Silvercharians didn't Disapotint, Johns screaming his heart out and strumming with his teeth, and the customary whole pedalboard solo.

01. Lost And Running - this one had the whole venue singing. The new song, along with John Collins bass made for a sure fire crowd favourite.
02. Love Your Way - again, the crowd heavily involved, with Bernard fanning thanking each and every one of us at the ending.
03. Already Gone - fanning bringing out the Harmonica, which is unorthodox to even the older Powderfinger fan base. Extremely Good Performance.
04. Black Tears - brought a tear to my eye. This heartfelt ballad was played by one guitar, to a silent convention centre.
05. These Days - the closer for the night. This song is amazing Live, with the bass, acoustic and both guitars doing their job. A wonderful way to close the concert.// 10


The Gold Coast has probably never see such an extravagant live show. Gold Coast Convention Centre, Gold Coast, Australia. September 2, 2007. The support for the 2 bands was fairly good on the night. A band from the sunshine coast named "The Scare" were opening. Their performance was spirited, although you couldnt really make out the vocals. There is everything to love and nothing to hate about this show, except for the fact that it couldnt go for longer, as with most shows, the end came too soon. it was well worth the AU$100 that the tickets cost. there was not nescesarily one unforgetable moment, more like a whole unforgettable night, and I was glad to be a part of it. I will most definetley go to the next gig of either of these bands. // 10