Showground - Big Day Out - Adelaide, Australia


What a day it was, the anticipation of seeing Silverchair again for the 3rd time in just under 12 months was enough to get me going. The mosh pit was the area we were heading for at 5.30pm to get a great position for the hour they were playing. We were about 2 rows away from the barrier and had a great view of where everyone was going to be. They opened with Across the night (Diorama) which was awesome live, then went on with a couple of old and a couple of new songs. Mind reader (Young Modern), If You Keep Losing Sleep (Young Modern), Greatest View (Diorama), Reflections of Sound (Young Modern), Pure Massacre (Frogstomp), Straight lines (Young Modern) and finished with Freak (Freak Show).

The band looked fantastic on stage and Daniel once again entertained us with his high energy on stage, playing his guitar with his teeth and asking the audience if it would be alright if he vomited on stage. Most of the crowed laugh it off, but one of the guys behind me laughed and said that he would sell it on eBay!!! And I sure there would’ve been buyers out there for that!! Another favourite part of the concert was Paul Mac (always the entertainer), jumped along on his seat for 'If you keep losing sleep’, which I have to say is now a draw card when seeing Silverchair play. You can tell he really get into this song, as he can’t keep still for the whole song!!!!

Daniel told the crowd that he was heartbroken at one point during the concert, but the turned around and laughed it off.   Telling the crowd that he had a bet back stage to give Ben a lap dance!! You could tell without him saying a word that he won because he had a garter belt on his thigh with a $20 bill and a $10 bill in it!! Then he faced the crowd and said, by the way we're not gay!!! The joke is ongoing since his break up with ex wife Natalie, in January of this year.

Chris looked like he had shaven for the occasion and was looking quite handsome throughout the performance. Not use to seeing him so well groomed. Has he lost his bad boy unshaven look or is just a brief change for the day? And what can we say about Ben; once again he didn’t leave us without seeing a bit of leg in his blue short and singlet! (Were still waiting for this tread to catch on with other bands!)

You can tell that the crowd, was waiting for a certain song to be played and play they did. Freak was high energy and perfect for the entire crowd to mosh to!!! And they didn’t disappoint either!!! Daniel let the crowd take over for the chorus and what a noise they made.  All around you could hear fans screaming ‘I’m a freak’ is enough to give anyone goosebumps!!! And you could tell that the band was enjoying it as much as we were!!!  

But I have to say seeing Daniel johns on stage in a white shirt, dripping with sweat will be the biggest memory and the most favorite memory for me - Big Day Out 2008!