Claremont Showgrounds - Big Day Out - Perth, Australia



Emotion Sickness
All Across The World
The Greatest View
Reflections Of A Sound
Israel's Son
Ana's Song
Straight Lines
Mind Reader
If You Keep Losing Sleep

And so the long wait began. With a Big Day Out line up that was less than enticing for me, we waited in 35 degree humid heat for Silverchair to hit the stage. And we waited. Walking over the crusty, dusty grass and putting up with drunken louts we found a spot on the second barrier and perched ourselves there. Arcade Fire came on and despite all the rave reviews I had read, I couldn't really get into them. I found it more entertaining watching the security guard refilling water bottles and chasing randoms who decided they would take their chances and jumping over the barricade. Arcade Fire's set seemed to go on forever.

But eventually we heard the familiar conductor voice advising us we were off to Young Modern Station!! The thumping of the train bustling along rumbled through the ground and gave me goose bumps as Silverchair hit the stage launching into Emotion Sickness. No matter how many times I hear this song, it never fails to amaze me. Daniel's angelic vocals and extended musical interlude during the song provided me with exactly what I have come to expect from Silverchair live! All Across The World came next after Daniel introduced the Silverchair orchestra. Such a beautiful song to hear live with the end lulling me into Silverchair world.

Next Daniel told us he wanted to tell us a story and they played The Greatest View with the crowd singing along to most of the song! Daniel's voice was a bit croaky in parts but then in the next verse would be fully recovered as he hit the high notes. A harmonic sing-along was next as Daniel either wanted to play with the crowd or test out something technical with the sound guy. Reflections Of A Sound started and despite it not being a huge single I was really surprised by how many crowd members were singing along!!! It sounded really cool. The orchestra and backing singers added another dimension to the song as well. A song which isn't normally one of my favourites was really awesome to hear in this way.

Next Daniel announced that this was "their very very last show for a very very long time" and then the familiar opening riff of Israel's Son began, much to the delight of the crowd up the front in the mosh pit. Again there was a huge sing-along from the crowd as we were transported back to 1995 enjoying the song live as much as we did back then. This song also featured Daniel holding a long note during "you're laaaaate" and the crowd roared with appreciation and of course put their hands in the air!!

A beautiful, beautiful version of Ana's Song was next. This song continues to evolve and its current form is my favourite. Daniel playing solo and singing along for the first 2 and a half minutes of the song is haunting and gave me chills again. Ben and Chris joining in on the song beefed it up and the power coming from the stage pumped up the crowd and the cheering began.

Next came a song that a lot of people were dying to hear - Straight Lines. As you'd expect from JJJ's #2 song of the year, the crowd erupted in one massive karaoke sing-along! The song was poppy and perfect as always and sounded great. Daniel ordered a clap along next as the bass and drums kicked into Mind Reader. After nearly a minute of clapping the guitar riff started and Mind Reader took off! This song is awesome live and you just feel like dancing and singing along when it’s playing. The backing vocalists provided another layer in reproducing this song live making it sound great!

The usual "scream for me one times, scream for me two times" crowd interaction came next. I kind of felt like it went on for a bit long and some of the crowd were lost during this part. Nevertheless, If You Keep Losing Sleep was next and again go the feet tapping and everyone singing along to the "Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo's" The orchestra and additional vocalists gave so much to the song and it was such a huge number. The evolution of this song is great and gets better and I love it more every time I hear it live. The slight vocal changes to Daniel's voice and Paul Mac's keyboards add so much to it.

Then the orange lights lit up the stage as the sun began to disappear and much to my disappointment I knew the set was coming to an end. Freak started and the crowd went crazy. Especially all the Rage Against The Machine fans that had slowly been stalking up behind us trying to secure their spot to see the headliners. The bottle throwing ceased, the taunts halted and the crowd erupted. A sing-along ensued throughout the anthem. Daniel stopped singing in parts to let the crowd take over and everyone was screaming out the lyrics.

And then, it was over. The heat, the sweat, the crazy people - it was all worth enduring to see that set. In my humble little opinion Silverchair blew the other bands out of the water. I am biased though but it's just how I felt ;)




Well I went to the Perth Big Day Out for the first time and was so pumped about seeing my favourite band Silverchair! My friend, Jaci, and I had been at the Claremont Showgrounds since 10:30am to make sure we would get a good spot to see Silverchair. And we did! We were right on the gate in the middle of the blue stage. Waiting more than nine hours was SO worth it to see Silverchair play! THEY NAILED IT!! By then the mosh pit was packed so badly that I have the bruises on my ribs and hip bones to prove it! Listening and watching Silverchair perform was the most exciting part of the whole day. So really Silverchair made my first B.D.O experience the best ever! I can seriously say it was the best day of my life to see them play! The guys are perfect live! I could have listened to them play all day. The really really really cool thing was that Ben Gillies chucked my the tambourine after they had finished playing. I wish i could have thanked him and told him how much of  a LEGEND he is!

The funny story I have to share about the Big Day Out was that of my brother's friend. A group of fifteen of them were jumping the fence in to the grounds and Simon was half way up when police spotted him. While pulling him down they ripped his pants and boxers off leaving his 'package' to get cut on the fence on the way down. The officers escorted him out and couldn't help but laugh.  Still he was determined, got through the pain and ended up tackling a security guard down at the gates to get in! Oh yeah, I don't really have the position to, (but who cares).

I want to apologize to Silverchair on behalf of Perth for some of the crowd (mostly wasted Rage fans) for being total but-munchers and throwing bottles on stage! If I actually had muscles, wasn't a wimpy chick and the chance I would have tried to kick their butts. The three of them were stupendous and should have been showed more respect. I just hope they aren't too pissed with Perth and not come back. I haven't been able to stop thinking how awesome it was and stop blabbing to my friends about how rad they are.