Parklands - Big Day Out - Gold Coast, Australia


In my opinion was BRILLIANT! After standing around the blue stage for 8 hours waiting for silverchair, they deffinately didnt dissapoint me! I loved hearing All Across the World live, Deffiantely a highlight!! The weather wasn't the best, but I dont think that bothered many people. I had an awesome day, and would do it again in a second!



This is my short review of Silverchair's performance from the Goldy Big Day Out...Sorry to any one i cant remember the songs in Order...
Anyway the main Reason I went to this Big Day Out was to See the boys and Bjork play apart from that this was the worse Big Day Out ever the Gold Coast Crowds Suck...

Anyway I waited most of the afternoon for sc play i managed to get my way up to the front and whilst the arcade fire played i saw this bleached dude backstage talking to some silverchair tech dudes and i thought hmm thats Daniel he had bleached as hair and i didnt know his new hairstyle till that day!! very Blonde dan!! anyway i was getting excited as i knew it was sc time ....they walked on the crowd went nuts....

heaps of morons from the start yelling out frog stomp over and over and i think this annoyed them a bit as dan made a comment about them not playing stuff from fstomp!

all the other band members walked on inlcuding the gospel african singers which i thought were very kewl but i wish i could of heard them more they had some super kewl dance moves as well and Dan  introduced the extra's as the new silverchair big band or something like that ...  I worried about how dan would be after the divorce stuff  cos the day before in the local papers here there was bullshit written in the papers....but he seemed pretty happy and drunk and jumping around like a monkey....best highlights were if you keep and mind reader and they played ALL Across the World im glad they played this as the times i saw em last year they never played this live at the shows i went to  which is one of my all time fav songs from Young Modern...

and espically when dan does the funny voice thing and gets the crowd to shout in time with Bens drum beat thats always funny when dan does that and I love the version of Ana's..im kinda glad ive seen silverchair play a heap this past year as I think they will  be having a much needed break... crowd favs were Straight lines and Reflections... They Ended with freak and the crowd went nuts  dan stood up on paul macs keyboard for the guitar intro  and then dan said they were gonna go get drunk for the rest of the night.............Good Show but the thing with Big Day Outs is that the crowd want faster sc songs...to the crowd that kept booing and yelling out crap to dan and the boys  get a life......



I went to the Big Day Out, Gold Coast and sat through Arcade Fire L to see the chair. My boyfriend and I got pretty close because we had been waiting since 4pm and I was so excited to see the guys as I have loved them since I was 10 years old and have never had the chance or perhaps the $$$ to get to see them.

The guys started right on Dusk, Which is a magical time to see any band and it wasn’t too hot and the lights on stage were visible. The crowd fell silent and a pre-recording of voices saying “welcome to young modern station” could be heard over the speakers, and then it all began with “Emotion Sickness”.

It was an eventful show. Dan eccentric as ever was so charismatic, and spoke to the crowd a lot which I really respect in a band. Ben and Chris are so interesting to watch as they don’t talk at all on stage but still have the ability to draw you in! It all ran smoothly until Dan went to play Anna’s Song and then went “oh, no we’re not playing that one yet”, (it was played late in the set), he got the crowd to scream at him 1 time, 2 times, 3 times and 4 times and “one long sexually frustrated scream” before leading into “If you keep losing sleep”.  And he even made a crack at that stupid gold coast kid “Corey” who had a party and ran away from home- He said something like this… “This goes out to the “cool” kid who had a party and got caught by his parents and who is a today tonight regular”. As much as I don’t really like Paul Mac as a solo artist he brings a humour to the stage in the way he bounces up and down on his stool as he plays.

The guys also had a whole entourage of Extras onstage which include instrumentalists and three Back up vocalists that brought this amazing vibe to the set! The only down side was the crowd I was surrounded by weren’t quite as enthusiastic as the small minority of chair fans who clapped for the entirety of the songs johns asked us too, like straight lines, I’m surprised my hands weren’t bleeding I was clapping so enthusiastically. ( Though my hands were throbbing for an  hour afterwards) This as a result of all the Rage Against the Machine fans, who were shirtless and drunk and don’t really get what RATM music or the Chairs music is all about, yelling at the chair to “get off” or chanting “frogstomp, frogstomp” (which they got as the band closed with Freak, which pleased the crowd and made for one awesome pit!)

So overall the chair we’re everything I ever dreamed them to be live and then some, I have so much more respect for them now that I have seen how they all feed off of each other as ONE AWESOME UNIT OF ROCK FUSION!!!!