In The Venue - Salt Lake City, USA


After years and years of being a loyal Silverchair fan and having resigned myself to the fact that I probably wouldn't ever see them live because it geographically impossible, somehow a miracle happend that brought the boys to Salt Lake City Utah!

They were scheduled to play the day after Thanksgiving at a small club downtown SLC. I eagerly bought my ticket and a few months later I found myself standing in the cold in a line waiting to be let into "Club Sound" with my friends Laura and Ashley. I couldn't believe it!
We got an awesome spot in the second row and waited patiently through the first band "House Of Heros" who were actually really good. Before I knew it the Silverchair crew was on the stage setting up the their stuff. When they brought out Ben's drums and Daniel's guitars I felt like I needed someone to pinch me!
15 minutes later the lights dimmed, the crowed went crazy and my breath caught in my chest as Daniel walked out (wearing the tightest pants I have ever seen on a person!) followed by Ben and Chris and tore into "Young Modern Station"  I was one happy girl! They played "Isreal's Son" next, then Freak. After that I was forced to move to the balcony acrossed from the stage because the crowd had shifted and my 5 feet 4 inches were no longer adequate in getting at good look. I watched the rest of the show staring at the side of them and the back of Paul Mac's head. Which was totally fine!
Honestly I can't remember the order of the songs played (because I was a little delerious and overwhelmed) but they did play some of my favorites such as "Mindreader"  and "Ana's Song" I was actually surprised that they played anything from the first 2 albums since Daniel isn't really fond of them (neither am I) and they have so much other material.

Daniel got the crowd going by asking  "can you scream for me one time"?  then two times, then three times and finally he asked for "four very sexual screams".
After about an hour they left and I noticed Ben was wearing these really skimpy, silky-like blue short. Only Ben Gillies could pull that off! They came back after a few minutes and played "The Door" as an encore and then my heart sank a little as they bowed and walked off stage for the final time.

It was my favorite concert ever! I'm still in shock that I even got to see them play live and I'm say grateful that they even came to Utah. It was the highlight of my year.

Thanks so much for the great night boys!




My wife and I saw Silverchair in Salt Lake City on November 19th.  It was the best show that I have ever been to!

I am 25 years old and just in the past year have become the biggest Silverchair fan.  I remember when I was around 12 or 13 and seeing Silverchair for the first time on MTV.  I thought that they were cool but at that age I wasn't really interesting in getting CDs or anything like that.  I also remember loving Ana's Song and Anthem for the Year 2000 but still not really into buying CDs.  Some time went by and I honestly admit that I forgot about them.  Then in early 2006  I bought my first IPOD. 

One of the things I wanted to do was to get all of the songs from Itunes that I loved in middle school and high school but never got.  After thinking a while Ana's Song popped in my head.  So I got it.  Loved it.  Couldn't get enough. So I went to the CD store and bought Neon Ballroom.  I was so hyped up when I got  there I also got Frogstomp, Freakshow, and Diorama.  I had never heard of Diorama or Freakshow. 

I loved all of the CDs especially Diorama and Neon Ballroom.  I just think that the evolution of the band is amazing.  It's definitely comparable to The Beatles.  I bought Young Modern the day it came out in the US and was just blown away.  Everything was incredible.  Young Modern comfirmed that Silverchair is one of my most favorite bands. 

I saw that they were coming to the US and was pretty sure that they weren't coming to Utah.  But when I saw that they had scheduled a show I couldn't believe it.  I called my wife who also has fallen in love with Silverchair and we were very excited.  Sorry for the long intro. 

We arrived about an hour before the doors opened and waited in the freezing cold.  We were about 20 people back.  Doors opened and we went in and got right up to the front side by where I knew that Daniel would stand.  Opening band was good but you could've put a bag a dirt on stage for 30 minutes and it still wouldn't have phased me because I was too excited for Silverchair. 

When they came out I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  My wife and I were screaming and clapping and it was all hysteria.  They started Young Modern Station and it was like a dream come true.   Then they kicked into Emotion Sickness and just blew me away.  Every song was pure euphoria for me.  After Reflections of a Sound I screamed,"I LOVE YOU DANIEL!"  and he responded with, "I love you too brother".  It made my night.  They kicked ass and rocked the house down.  It was beautiful. 

I heard everything I needed to hear but still wanting more.  Daniel did all of his Rock Star stuff like playing with his teeth and strutting around like god on stage.  Ben, Chris, Paul, and that other guy that was up there sometimes looked like they were having fun too.  At the end of the show the guy that was taking the stage down threw Daniel's picks and my friend's girlfriend got one and she gave it to me.  I will always be a diehard Silverchair fan for the rest of my life.  Please come back to Utah someday.  Thank you for making my life a better one with your music.