Music Mill - Indianapolis, USA


We recently attended the show at the Music Mill in Indianapolis, IN.  This was my third Silverchair show ever, and happened to be the third show we went to this year.  As a bonus, the day of the show was my birthday!!   We were one of the lucky ones to get tickets to the show in NYC in February and that was a great show.  Awesome audience.  The other show we made it to was in MN in August.  Also a great show!!  However, this last one on Dec 11th was the best!!!!
The band all seemed in very good moods.   Daniel was very talkative, chatting w/ the audience after every song. The venue seemed full (it was hard to tell from the front) but the atmosphere was very calm and warm.  Everyone listened intently as Daniel spoke and even sang along with C scale led by Daniel.  Someone shouted a request after the first song (Young Modern Station), which the band thought quite humourous.  After some chuckles, they broke in w/ Isreal's Son.  What a great song to see live!!  
All in all, this was the best show I've seen and the best birthday....Silverchair rocks!
Young Modern Station
Emotion Sickness
Isreal's Son
Reflections of a Sound
Ana's Song
Greatest View
Straight Lines
If you Keep Losing Sleep




Indianapolis was a smaller show  compared to silverchair’s August stop at music festival Lollapalooza. I was amazed to see the complete lack of security barriers along the stage which meant those lucky enough to have front row spots were nary a foot from the boys. Opener As Tall As Lions arrived on stage and cheekily asked if the crowd was ready for silverchair, after a muted applause informed us “Too bad, we’re first.”

Following their set and a quick set change, due to the tiny triangular stage, silverchair emerged from a curtained door to the sounds of the Young Modern Station introduction. I was happy to see Daniel has found a new beige blazer to replace his trademark green one. They ripped in Young Modern Station, which was followed by a heart rendering version of Emotion Sickness. One notable fan, sporting what I dubbed a “fun retro look,” caught Daniel’s attention after the third song yelling out a request. Daniel quipped back “We’re not taking requests three songs in, who the fuck do you think we are?” Although as Daniel informed the crowd that “three thirds, no three fifths of the band” were sharing a various, which he said “was quite romantic,” he was interacting with the crowd like I’ve never seen him do before. He successfully ordered a round of gin and tonics for the fivesome on the stage from the nearby bar – the venue was that tiny.

And after “fun retro look” fan asked for Daniel’s water he reiterated that he was sick, “it’s not AIDS, but it’s close.” He then handed off the bottle. He sang an improptu version of I’m So Tired by The Beatles (with the wrong lyrics according to my Beatles obsessed friend) to prove to us how tired he was. Once again he led the crowd on his scream on command monologues, this time asking the crowd to scream “one long and sexually frustrated time” in addition to nine and more times.

For me, highlights of the show have to be the heart-rendering version of Ana’s Song. It was gorgeous and may have made me cry if Ben wasn’t sarcastically holding up a lighter and a cell phone in heavy metal encore style. It was great to hear Isreal’s Son after so long. And of course, the Young Modern tracks sounded great, especially Mind Reader. He ripped into The Greatest View after informing the crowd he had “an important message for us.” And after triumphantly returning for the new standard encore of Freak, a shirtless Daniel ran from side to side on the small stage offering a rare close-up glimpse.




A few of my friends had driven to Detroit to see Silverchair earlier in the year and I was definitely depressed that I missed out on that, so when I heard about the Indy show we jumped right on getting tickets.  Turns out several of my friends had the same idea, and eventually there was a large group of us going.  Indy is about a two-hour drive for us, and in the winter in the mid-west, you never know what to expect. We'd had tons of ice and snow for the week prior and I was definitely freaking that we were going to miss it.  Things were touch and go and the final decision to go was made that morning.  I would have cried if I'd missed it!!

We were lucky enough to get a pretty decent spot in the center and pretty close to the front.  I was pumped for Tall as Lions since I'm a fan of them as well.  And they were great.  My sister-in-law was sick and she was trying so hard to hang in there.  She was running a fever and I definitely thought she might pass out at one point, but she was a trouper and hung in there rather well.  I think seeing Daniel walk out on stage made her feel a lot better.  It was definitely surreal being that close to music heroes of ours.  Young Modern Station was the first song and it was incredible, as was Emotion Sickness (the song I call My Anthem).   The version of Ana's Song was just beyond amazing.  I remember during part of the intro my brother-in-law was just like "Guys, did you hear what he just did with his voice?  That was insane!!"  I can't really describe what he did but it was just a really amazing vocal. I'm pretty sure at one point Ben just stopped playing and held up his lighter. Ha!  I have to say I've only cried at two songs out of the hundreds of concerts I've been to in my life.  The first was the first time I heard "One" at a U2 show and the second was Ana's Song. I definitely choked up at the end.  It was just totally powerful and moving.  All the guys sounded great even though Daniel said at one point that they'd been passing a virus around.  Then he did a Tom Waits impression.  The whole set was tight and watching Paul hop (while playing obviously) was awesome.

The guys seemed to be in a really goofy mood.  Daniel was asking what happens when you down like half a bottle of cough syrup and then drink.  He's like "do you get a bit tipsy?  Because that's what's happening here."  Then he requested five gin and tonics (my drink!!) from the bartender and the band all sang "FIIIVVVVEEEE" in unison. Very funny!  There was also some conversation about it being too cold in Indy to go out so they were forced to sit around and watch Russell Crowe movies on HBO.  They were all being really hilarious. The only other thing I remember though is Daniel at one point saying to some guy in the front row, "I can't hold you, man, that would be gay."   
No idea what that was about.

Hearing all the Young Modern stuff was incredible.  Straight Lines, If You Keep Losing Sleep, and Reflections of a Sound were amazing live.  I wish there had been a bit more stuff off Diorama, just because that is my favorite album but I'm not complaining.  So...  then they came back for the encore and of course Daniel took his shirt off and my sister-in-law and I definitely screamed like little girls.  We felt a little stupid afterwards, but oh well. I tried to get a good picture but Daniel wasn't wanting to stand still.  Shame.

For the most part the fans were really awesome. Two really big guys almost got into a fight in front of me.  That was not so cool.  After the show the eight of us went outside (in the cold December rain) and took a group photo.  It is definitely a night I'll remember forever.
It was really perfect - everything - the music, the people we shared it with, just perfect.  I can't wait to see them again!!!




First, I live in Detroit Michigan and didn't find out about this show until the Tuesday before (I was slacking on the chairpage I know) but in that week I got shifts covered at work, and drained my savings acount for a bus ticket to Indianappolis!! I couldn't miss the secound leg of the tour for ANYTHING!!!....       
So, the venue was relatively small, four five hundred tops, very close, very visible from any spot. As tall as lions open and for once a silverchair opener was alike in the sound. I actually was very impressed and have since purchased and album. Now, onto the real deal.   
After the lights went out there was some recorded noise/ambiance for an intro (forgive I had been drinking and really don't remember what it was) into YOUND MODERN. It sounded perfect and Remember the croud aws VERY into it. This show was very different from the other shows I have seen by them in that there was a ton of playful stage banter. After the first song some haggler in thye front made a request (which I didn't hear) and Daniel chiddied back that "Whoa man, we can't be taking requests two songs in man!" Which was followed by a very responsive crowd laugh.
Then into... Emotion Sickness. Throughout the show silverchair seemed to be more playing with their music than performing it. Although this performance of Emotion sickness was basically compressed version of the song on faraway stables.Israel's son was the tune and honestly, as much as I love EVERY silverchair song, I always wish instead of these classics they would play more tunes of ballroom or diorama. But nonetheless it rocked. Extended bass intro and a creativley twisted bridge (not such a stretch though forom previous performances) made this song a new experince.
Now into the thick of it, Reflections of a sound, Insomnia, Ana's song, Greatest View, Starigh lines, and Mindreader were all to follow in some apparent order or another. I remember a twist to open fire but I can't recall exactly  what was that made it stand out... OH YEAH!!! I think it was during this one that Ben busted out the lighter, Chris the cell phone and everybody followed in unison.I think, don't hold me to it. Although it did happen, if somebody else is certain it was during another song I won't argue.(Maybe Straight lines?)
Again, the banter was what made this show stick out for me. In Detroit in '99, it was mostly fuck you's and get ready for this one. And in '07, NOTHING. Maybe a line here or there.(Might I add a very rewarding "WOW we weren't expecting this!") The ordered gin and tonics through a melody. Joked about himself-singer-being diseased and warned the front row that they were noe infected and alot out "GIVE ME ONE TIME *crowd* YEAH! GIVE ME IT TWO TIMES *crowd* YEAH YEAH!) Very un-silverchair like at least in my two measley American attended shows.
Then, If You Keep Losing Sleep drove them into there encore. This was the song that I most felt they branched out and just had a good time with. At the end they had the crowd do the oo-o-o-o-oo-oo, the opening vocal melody before the first verse. Which was a little awkward but everybody seem to follow in after long enough. They rode that into another last chorus or two into--freak.

I'm personally quite sad this was the last song they played. I feel they close with it because since there in america and the albums haven't done so well in the past that they have to always play this crap. I love it, but COME THE FUCK ON. One song of Diorama, Two of Ballroon and you close with Freakshow. I love these guys to death but I've seen them 3 times and all three times they've closed off of freakshow. The music is way too personal and vulnerable to let everyone leave on the heels of "I;m sitting on a ball in the middle of the Ande's" come on guys. I talked with fellow fans at this show and we ALL wan't to here the good stuff. Night the nineties radio filler that brought you here. Any ways I digress, and I'm ranting.
All in all, the best show I've seen by them personally. Better than both shows in my hometown. They all looked very happy to be there, together, and be performing (cliche I know but it was the energy they radiated) And I'll n ever miss any of there shows any where in the midwest U.S.A.


I'm very unsure of the order of these songs. I'm positve that the set list went, in no particular order,

Isreal's son
The Door
Emotion Sickness
Ana's Song
The Greatest View
Young Moder Station
Straight Lines
If You Keep Losing Sleep
Reflections of a Sound

And I was hammered 200 miles from home with nothing but a fat wallet and the memory is very foggy.