Amos' Southend - Charlotte, USA


I have been a fan of silverchair since I was 8 years old back in 1995. I'm young, I know. In the last eight years I have tried to see the boys play numerous times, but they were only coming to NYC or LA and I'm from Palm Beach, FL and an actor, who would inevitably not be able make the trip due to my age, or my job.

FINALLY, I saw the band was coming to my current state of North Carolina, after a DECADE of waiting I bought my tickets and rushed down on Wednesday, December 5th to Amos' Southend, where the shair were headlining some boring radio lineup show.

the club was cavernous, with a wrap around second floor balcony, the energy in the line was electric, who would have thought all these people would show up to see silverchair? after years of being out of the spotlight in the US. Many were just  curious fans who hadn't had a 'chair record since Frogstomp, but many like me, were avidly awaiting what would turn out to be one of the most electric rocking out shows I've ever seen (and I've seen QUITE a few).

The opening bands were some pop-punk something-or-others, The Starting Line, and The Almost, but both were as equally esctatic about seeing silverchair as the growing crowd was. My girlfriend and I were quite a ways back when a mini-mosh-pit broke out next to us, we used the opportunity to cut through it until we were 2 people deep from the front gate. the lights lowered and I'm screaming, "OMIGOD! I"M FINALLY GONNA SEE THEM!!!" Out came the boys, basking in the screams and utter roar from a devoted crowd, we wouldn't settle down for them as they launched into "Young Modern Station" and then settled into a mix of old favorites, sending the crowd crazy, "Emotion Sickness", "Israel's Son", "Ana's Song" were sung along to with abandon.

At that point I realized that it was indeed PAUL MAC who was backing the guys up and I started screaming "Fuck yes! Paul Mac! Yes!" which Daniel obviously heard cos he said "Well, SOMEONE knows Paul Mac is here" and the crwod screamed louder.

As the guys moved into the second act with songs off of Young Modern I think I was in a state of bliss. I had so scared that after a decade of wanting to see the band, that they wouldn't live up to my expectations. Thank god I was wrong.

These guys are the real deal, there's a reason I'm a fan for life. With each album, the musicality grows and matures right along with my own musical tastes. If you could have a musical soulmate, Daniel, Ben, and Chris are definitely mine.

the someone yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY and it was indeed, Chris' and the entire venue joined in a rocking rendition of that all too familiar melody.

"If You Keep Losing Sleep" signaled the end of their set and Daniel, stripped down to his fabulous vest and amazing skinny jeans, Chris in his usual cool rocking out style and Ben looking like the happiets kid in the candy store-- went all out. I was being crushed in a surge of people singing along.

Then they left the stage, and the crowd continued to chant "SILVERCHAIR! SILVERCHAIR!" until, of course, the boys reemerged and launched into Freakshow. The sound of the whole club singing a capella "BODY AND SOUL! I'M A FREAK! I'M A FREAK!"  was soooooo awesome.

Oh, yeah, then Ben threw out his drumstick and who do you think caught it?
That's right-- ME.

We hurried out into the cold december night, a little gin and tonic-ed, and went by the tour bus, Paul Mac was outside and I repeated my sentiments from the show, he came right up and gave me a huge hug and I asked if he could get Ben to sign the drumstick. Paul Mac disappeared into the bus and came out with my new prized object.

It read: "I'm told you're hot. Nice. Ben"

Well thanks Ben. and Chris. and Dan. For such a night.