Gwinnett Center - Duluth, USA


I just had to write this morning and tell everyone involved with Silverchair that I am still reeling from the show last night!

I have loved Silverchair since the earliest days and feel that I have "grown up" with them. When each album is better than the last and the stage show has evolved in a similar trajectory, I can honestly say I don't know why I was so overwhelmed with Silverchair's ownership of the stage last night. Maybe it is because I have not seen them in about 7 years. But last night's show was unbelievable and mesmerizing. The music was flawless and everyone was in fine form.

Ben was wearing swimming goggles and shorts in the freezing Atlanta winter--I LOVED that! Daniel sang like an angel and was quite the showman. He was the only true frontman at the multi-band lineup of the evening and completely OWNED the stadium. At one point he took the camera away from the videographer and told him to watch out for his job! Ha! I was front row nearest to Chris and got to enjoy a lot of close-ups of his focus and energy. He looked like he was having a lot of fun and certainly played impeccably.

I could not even say what my favorite part of the show was. Daniel held a note in full voice for well over a minute without losing an inch of pitch. That rocked! Ben was hitting one drumstick up into the hair and then catching it--I couldn't stop laughing at that. And Chris's laughter at his bandmates was pure joy to witness. The band was the clear leader of the lineup that evening even though they did not headline. They should have. No one could touch their level of musicality and performance. Silverchair is, and always has been, my favorite band on the planet and I grow more impressed by them daily.




I attended the 99x Mistletoe Jam in Atlanta last night, and Silverchair was one of four bands that played. Hands down, they were the best show of the night. Modest Mouse followed Silverchair and people were walking out halfway through their set. I would have recommended that Silverchair be the headliner for this show. Tough act to follow!
I saw Silverchair about ten years ago here in Atlanta, which I think was part of their first American tour, and it was my very first concert ever. So, the show last night was a great full-circle experience for me as well as for many others, I'm sure. I was so impressed by Daniel's evolution as a performer and musician over the years. He is truly talented and a delight to watch.
I hope that Silverchair will continue to tour in America in the future, as I am a fan for life! Amazing show!!!