Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City, USA


The only thing better than seeing silverchair live is seeing them twice in four months!  After driving from Kansas City to Minnisota to see them in August, I almost shit a brick when I got another opportunity.  We left in the morning when my buddy Tuna finished his laundry he should have done the night before.  With A-bizzle riding shotty, we drove from Kansas City to Oklahoma city in time to check into the hotel and go throw some brews down in Bricktown.  I managed to clear out the blues bar with my unpaulmacklike piano ability.  Then it was off to the show.

Smoking was allowed in the Diamond Ballroom, and the whole freaking bar chose to participate.  My buddies and I started drinking long island ice teas before Silverchair came on and we were all pretty drunk.  Daniel, however, was completely trashed!  He came onstage, Heinekin in hand, and rocked his freakin ass off!  He seems to be far more daring vocally when he's drunk, and he wailed on those guitars like he was never going to hold one again.  Daniel was laughing so much during the "let me hear you scream two times" he could barely talk.   We were treated to both Isreal's Son and Tuna in the Brine, unlike the last time we saw them.  When Daniel managed to find his way off the stage (he appeared to try walking off on the wrong side) I was left slightly deaf and even more impressed than I was at the last show.

After the show I took a piss on the outside of the Diamond Ballroom.  Not out of disrespect,  I just really had to piss.  We then made the traditonal stop at a strip club after a Silverchair show,  then went back to the hotel for a solid two and a half hours of shuteye.  Driving home completly hung over at six in the morning was rather unpleasant, but well worth it.  That night was our time to shine........ like a tuna in the brine.