Meridian - Houston, USA


My best friend and I were only originally supposed to attend the cancelled LA show at The Wiltern from July, but after the dissapointment of flying all the way from Florida to California and only being able to catch the band perform one song at the taping of the Craig Ferguson show we decided to go all out, make a three week vacation out of it and attend all the California shows and the Houston one on the way back to Florida.
It had been 4 very long years since we last caught the band at their 2 shows in LA during the ATN tour and they managed to somehow surpass those performances (which were amazing to begin with). The band got off to a great start in San Diego at the House of Blues with a very energetic performance and an onstage chemistry beyond expectations! Anaheim followed a couple of days later and so did another great show .Unfortunately, we arrived late to both these shows because we were staying in downtown LA and had to wait for our ride which meant we weren't able to get as close to the stage as we would of wanted, but both shows still exceeded our expectations. San Francisco was next on our Silverchair journey, the venue was quite small, making the show seem a bit more intimate...again the band was in great spirits!

The next morning we took a flight back to LA to prepare for the show at The Wiltern, this time we chose to watch the show from the balcony, front and center...another unbelievable performance! This night was a bit sad for us because we had come to the end of the California shows, but at least we had another week to spend in LA and the show at The Meridian to look forward to!
On November 26th we left LA for Houston, the city itself didn't seem to have much to offer at first...it could've also had something to with the fact that we were too tired to leave our hotel room due to sleep deprevation and two weeks of nonstop partying, so we spent the two days prior to the show pretty much hanging around the hotel bar and ordering room service...not such a bad way to live! Finally the 28th arrived...it seemed like weeks had passed between the last show on the 20th and this one. We wouldn't of expected it but this turned out to be the most fun we would have on our entire trip! We met some of the people from the board while waiting in line and it made the six hour wait go by very quickly. The venue was small and we managed to get in the first row right in the center, the stage was also very small which made the show seem even more like a private gathering. Highlights of the night were Ben coming to the mic and having us sing happy birthday to Daniel for a change, getting not one, but two setlists handed to us by stagehands immediately after the show ended and chatting with Bailey outside by  the tour bus...thanks for the picks and for being so sweet Bailey!
Overall highlights from the tour would have to be...being previledged enough to hear Those Thieving Birds/Strange Behaviour played perfectly and beautifully on a couple of occassions...thanks guys, I know how difficult this song is to play and we want you to know how much we appreciate hearing it! Another highlight would have to be Daniel's voice...it is definately in top form!!!

I would have to say that the most enjoyable part of watching the band perform live is seeing how much fun they're actually having playing music together again. There are few bands out there today with that kind of chemistry and that is one of the main reasons why your fans keep coming back for more!
Hope to see you back here in 2008...we plan on making another vacation out of it! Pictures to follow...it's been a very hectic time for us since we got back right at the start of the Holidays!



That Silverchair show was SO-FREAKIN-GREAT!!!!
The last time I saw SC was June 1998 I think, It was for Neon Ballroom. They played at Deep Ellum Live - Awsome venue, it should re-open! I don't remember much from that show except taking 4 rolls of film, and probably blinding Daniel because the flash on that camera was wicked bright! :) I don't remeber Daniel being as funny, but I've been watching youtube videos of old shows and he's always had a good sense of humor!
Anyway, it's been FAR TOO LONG!

Man they did a good job in Houston! Daniel's voice sounded great!!! Ben is the funniest drummer to watch EVER! It's like you want to watch Daniel, but Ben is behind the drums making the funniest faces while he's playing! It's a riot!!! Dan told the audience that it was his b-day and everyone started singing happy birthday to him, my friend and I were in the front shouting "LIAR" because his b-day is in April...He was smiling, but I'm not sure if it was because he heard us or just in general. Ben got up from behind the drums and came to the mic to sing along, and he was wearing these short blue shorts, like gym shorts, and a black tank. It was great, I wanted to take a pic but I was hoping to get pics after the show so I didn't want to use any more film. He has some nice legs! :)

Then Dan was doing some crowd work getting every one to shout. He's all "Wave you hands in the air, like you just don't care" then told one side to shout HO, and the they did, then he said you guys over here say MO - and they did, and he stops and goes "Hum, y'all need to check yourself" (something like that) :) I was crackin' up!

Then later, he was playing and Chris was bent over doing distortion with the base and started beating it like he was doing something else... Dan looked at him and was like "What tha?" and started laughing and doing it to his guitar, then Ben bent over his drums and started doing it to the drums!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!! They are so funny! I'm totally looking forward to the DVD!!! I'm so glad they made one with a 90min behind the scenes. I just watched the trailer on PFs myspace...:)
Somewhere towards the end he thanked everyone for coming out. They ended the show with Freak as the encore, and Dan laying across Pauls keyboard rockin out! Dan was the last one off the stage as he was trying to balance his guitar hanging from the mic with some loud distortion.

They didn't stick around to sign autographs and stuff. So we went around the back exit and after the security told the 10 people hanging around to leave, me, Lauren and 2 folks we met in line earlier walked to the end of the side walk and hung out - it's public property, what are they going to do...I'm sure they don't really want to call the cops. Some girl that told us to move out, she said "I'll call the cops if I have to..." after misunderstanding a comment a girl made. She asked if the band was coming out this way and the security lady heard something else I guess...

But eventually it was just us 4 hanging out down the block. and I called Dan over to sign my Dissociative DVD - with the help of my posse. So he came over denying any of us to take photos but was open to giving hugs and signing ticket stubs, then he got in their shitty little red 1996 Honda or something. I think it was missing hubcaps. Definitely inconspicuous.

I'm not naming any names but I told someone that I got the across the great divide DVD and his reply was a burst of chuckle, followed by a sigh and said "Man we were so stoned!!!" :) It was funny! I knew those fuckers smoked!

Then as the 3 of my friends walked the other way around the building I walked passed the stairs and Paul was hanging out. I motioned for him to come down and I expressed my thanks and gratitude. He was flattered when I asked him to sign my Disso DVD - we chatted and I got a photo with him...*ahhh* ;)

Over all it was so worth it! I was getting pissed that Dan and the guys were not coming down to meet and greet - even for just the 10 people that were there waiting. Or earlier for the 15-20 people waiting outside between 3 and about 4:30 (doors didn't open till 8) but after sleeping on it, I can kind of understand. People go out of their way to see bands because they like them, and are inspired. It's freedom to choose. The band doesn't really owe anyone a handshake, autograph, photo, or hug. They said thanks on the stage and I guess that’s cool enough. Maybe they really had to go or maybe Daniel just doesn't like people. I think I heard him say in an interview a long time ago that he didn't like crowds of people coming up to him. I can understand that too. It would be kind of scary, all those weirdos wanting to hug you...

But it's also just as cool to get to meet them. Paul is really nice! Dan was too when he came out...He could have just blown us off...he dropped to his knees and threw his arms up, a good jester of humility, or just simply Rock-n-Roll!!! He's so rock-n-roll!!! :)
I feel lame when I meet bands but I just can't help it. It makes them more real, but I think I've met all the bands I want to meet. I think if I met Neil Young it would just be to weird. That's someone I wouldn't want to just meet, but hang out with! Just chill, talk about whatever in a relaxed setting. Not rushed, and in a crowd of people. But if I ever get the chance to meet Silverchair again or say Hi to Powderfinger I will totally take it. I feel kind of sad that I may never get to meet Paul Mac again...I would want to chill with him too, have some beers and conversation. They have one more show here but it's at a music festival and their set is only 30min. High security, so I doubt we'll get to meet them. I think they are one of the first on the set. Modest Mouse is headlining that day. I heard Tuesday night at the show in Austin, Dan came out piss drunk! I bet it was funny. :)

Anyway, for those of you who didn't get to see them YOU MISSED OUT!!!! Great show! SO FUNNY! Dan is such a comic, and Chris and Ben are just as funny!!! Paul did such a good job with them too! I love his smile! They had some other keyboard guy that was rockin out too!