Soul Kitchen - Mobile, USA


First off, the show Silverchair played at the Soul Kitchen in Mobile was simply phenomenal. I can't find the words to describe how amazing it was. The crowds energy was wonderful, with people arriving at the venue as early as ten in the morning. It made my heart happy to know that in a smaller market (such as Mobile) people were still as passionate as the thousands who would line up for them in Australia.
Adam and Paul Mac ripped it up and added that extra kick to the show. While roaming around afterward, we ran into Paul where he asked us if we had seen any of the road crew... the poor guy had gotten locked out of the bus.
A locally owned and well respected radio station, 92.1 The Zew (WZEW) are the wonderful souls that brought the chair to Mobile. I heard later that this was a big factor in the guys playing a show for such low ticket prices ($9.21 in advance, $15 @ the door); to show thanks for the independents spinning Young Modern. I can imagine they didn't make as much as they would have if they played an arena but to know they care about the independents and show respect by playing their hearts out made me respect them even more.
During the show Daniel told a silly silly koala story and also warned the audience about the dangers of crowd surfing. Laying down the ground rules, he said if you were wearing boots, going "horizontal" was completely out of the questions. But if you were in converse or vans, then it was quite alright.
All in all it was a fantastic show and such a thrill to catch them in a small venue... even if you were one of the unfortunates who got stuck next to the one drunk guy screaming "TOMORROW! PLAY IT !" We all could have done without him. :]