House Of Blues - North Myrtle Beach, USA

Our Day With SILVERCHAIR.....

After 8 years of waiting for our chance to see Silverchair again, the day finally came. Even though we live only a little over an hour way from the House of Blues in Mrytle Beach we grew up at this Beach, and knew that this show was highly anticipated by the people here. It was amazing to see them in 1999 here, it was just way to long of a wait until we got the chance again!  

My Sis and I get on the road to "The Beach" alittle after  8:00 that morning, making a few stops on the way we got there about 10:00, and we decide to pick up our tickets that we ordered first, then scope the place alittle, do a few things to get ready, decide on staying at a hotel or with relatives or friends. We arrive at the H.O.B and see their tour bus was there but we thought they were in a hotel some where.  So we park as close to the bus as we can without getting tooooo intrusive.  

After waiting awhile Melissa and I decide to walk around alittle. We walk to the front of the H.O.B and more people are starting to get tickets. So we walk around the back where we're parked and we wait alittle more, we did alot of walking that day (even to the store to get a camera since my digi cam decided to stop working for me on the day I need it).  Then we see a cab pull up and stop at the bus and Silverchair walks off the bus and gets in the cab. I could barely believe it was them wondering what they might have seen since my sister and I had our own little Silverchair jam session sitting in the car while waiting. So our brains almost couldnt process that this band that is never in our time zone that we love so much is standing less than 10 feet away from us. I couldnt think of anything to say to them!! All anyone could say was YEAAAAAAA!!

They all leave in the taxi, and we're standing there dazed!! So we go back to the car, and decide we might need a hotel room because this might be a long day, and im not disturbing my people coming in that late. So my sis and I leave to get a hotel room, we call my aunt to ask for a deal because her husband is a travel agent at the beach, and he finds us something close with the best discount. While were waiting in the parking lot of the hotel to get the word he's called and set it up, we see the SAME TAXI that Silverchair left in drive up to the hotel front door. From where Im parked I couldnt tell who it was getting out of the taxi, so I tried to convince myself its someone else. Alot of different people use those taxi's. Well as my sister and I are walking in to the hotel with our bags,  we hear a balcony door open and its Paul Mac and Daniel that walked out on to the balcony. Amazed again and in a daze we find our hotel room balcony to be diagnol to theirs. And we begin walking on clouds.

So the time comes for us to head back to the HOB's to get our spot in line. So we go back and its about 4:00 and we start our wait to get in.  Im glad I didnt come any later, because there were some other fans that were mighty persistent about getting a good spot also. And keeping your spot in line was almost a battle. Well the time comes, and they start letting us in. There were only 10 people ahead of us in line so we were able to get a spot right in front of where Chris would be standing!! No one in front of us, and up close and personal it was a perfect spot (other than the cymbals blocking Ben's face).  

The opening band was a local band, they were good, but I was so ready to hear Silverchair. Others in the crowd were to rude for my taste to the opening band. A band has to start some where and that was their beginning so I dont knock NEW BANDS. And then it's TIME FOR SILVERCHAIR. My Sis and I Pop the Glow Sticks out and the Blinking Bracelets, and its ON!!!! They walk out and the crowd gives them a really warm welcome. Maybe alot more than just my sis and I have been wating 8 years huh?

They start out with Young Modern Station which is the song that gives us enormous energy!! I was hoping that would be the first song, just for the one lyric THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER!!!! That lyric means alot because this is the one band that I would actually care if they never made music! Straight Lines was the second and again another reason to go bazerk!!! After Straight Lines Daniel makes a comment "You do alot of walking around here, you like to exercise" he says. Makes me wonder again damn we're they watching us walk all over the place? LOL or am I just reading to much into it.  And then they start into If You Keep Losing Sleep. Which is the song we listen to at the gym when we're on the eliptical LOL !!! Perfect exercise song!! After that they start into Reflections of a Sound and I sang my heart out. After the song Daniel asks the crowd " If I ask you for a favor would you do it" we all scream back Yes we'd do it!! He says" Wait you dont know what I want yet, we laugh and he says "If I ask you to put your hands in the air and clap to the beat of my friends drum would you do it" We all scream back!!! And then Ben goes in to the beat of Mind Reader which was one I was hoping to hear. And my sis and I  were not the only ones, the crowd was happy to hear it.

Daniel tells us to keep clapping and they start in to Insomnia!!! Another great one!! Then the lights go dark and spot lights  are on Chris as he starts the bass lines for Isreal's Son!! It was one of my favorite parts! Immediatley giving me chills sending me into a flashback from when they were here in 1999!!  The crowd was very pleased to hear one of their first songs.  Chris's passion while he plays resignates, I loved being in front and watching him enjoy it!!

After that Daniel glances and points in our direction, and says "I saw you guys earlier that was great" And I just look at my sis and say well now we know!! And then they go into The Greatest View. Then Daniel lead's the crowd in to a Screaming Test to see just how loud we can scream for them. He taunts us for not being loud enough. Then wants  us to give 2 screams, 3 screams, 4 screams. After we showed him we could compete for loudness, he's satisfied and they start in to the Door. Which is another FAVE and keeps the flashbacks coming!! When they started playing their music from their early days I was just so thrilled and enthralled the memory get's a little blurred. When they started playing Freak the crowd goes crazy, you can tell it is a favorite for the crowd, They had to stop playing because of a little moshing. Chris stopped playing then Daniel stops and Chris walks over and they say "We dont really need all that. Cuz its all GOOD in My HOOD" The crowd laughs, and they start again. Daniel also leads the crowd to a sing along.

During the guitar solo  Daniel steps around to the edge of the stage at the other end and get's on his knee's to do the Rock Star Hendrix solo. Of course The Teeth Solo happens a couple times through out the set. Daniel then decides to say " Show your love and turn to the person beside you and give them a hug "I turn to my sister and we hug quickly hoping we wouldnt miss something. We look back at the stage and The Band is hugging too. Ben even came from behind the drums to get in on the love!! And you hear a massive AHHHH, and everyone laughing!! Its was an awesome moment.

Then they play Emotion Sickness which was another great song that I was hoping to hear. Everyone in the crowd sang along to that. That was their opening song in 1999 so I immediatley started to tear up!! And then it was Ana's Song. Being done in a version we've never heard before most of us could only stand there and admire it. I looked around and noticed quiet a few getting teary eyed over that song. Its was a very mellow and somber version. I loved it. Then Daniel makes an annoucement that Paul Mac was being introduced to the stage for the last time, we all booo in dissappointment. I know I loved watching him feel the music like he does. He gets totally involved. When they played If You Keep Losing Sleep it looked like he was jumping a foot out of his seat, it was sooo funny!! Energy and Talent like that will be missed the next time Chair comes. None of us could tell what that meant by introducing for the last time. So we werent thrilled by that.  Paul has really made brillant and remarkable music with Silverchair. Not many musician's can join a band, and not mess up the dynamic of the band they joined but Paul really hasnt been anything less than brilliant for them.

So The show was over and they tell us we were great and they appreciated every one who attended. Of course we wanted more. So the crowd starts the encore screaming. Some chanted Silverchair while others just screamed. It was the loudest the crowd had gotten all night. My ears felt like they were growing fuzz from all the screaming. They come back out and give us one more taste. And then it was all over until the next time. It was a Really Great Night, and we couldnt of asked for a better show.

The best ending to a great night was when we finally went back to our hotel, and we go inside the lobby and see Ben and Chris chillin'!! Ben looks at the door as we walk in and we had HUGE SMILES, so he smiles and ask us how we we're doin'. We reply GREAT, your show was amazing!!  Ben looked soooo tired, and Chris was not to awake himself. We ask where the other 2 were (Daniel and Paul) Daniel was on the bus sleeping already, and Paul was still in the hotel room. I had to let them know its been way to long since the last time they were here at "The Beach" in 99. Ben looked alittle surprised we actually knew how long its been. Of course we had to get signature's on our JOANNOU 4 P.M. Shirt's (Thanks and Loves to Krissy).  Chris looked surprised to see someone in America wearing them, and even knowing about it.  Ben went on to explain it was the equivalent to the President!! (GOD I LOVE ME SOME BEN)  Chris asked us how we got the shirts. So major props are given to my girl Krissy!!!  

We did a little chit chatting and then their tour bus comes to get them. AHHHH!!  We make sure to tell them that THEY have to come back, They cant do this again!!! Ben turns around on his way out and tells us they will be back and it wont be long!! Just when I thought it was alllll over AGAIN, and we're walking back to our car to get some things we see Paul Mac standing outside. I have an immediate reaction to get a hug!! I tell him he's my favorite, and he just laugh's. I had to tell him he really has done remarkable things for Silverchair, and how much I enjoyed watching him play. Of course I had to know what the hell Daniel meant by the annoucement at the show. Paul asures us that he's still going to make music with Silverchair, he just doesnt handle tour buses as well, and might not tour with them as much. After a few seconds with Paul its time for him to leave. The perfect ending to a perfect day, watching the best band give an awesome show!!! Thanks for coming back guys, please dont make it so long next time!!! Melissa and I will be there when you come back!!