House Of Blues - Anaheim, USA


I went to see Silverchair with We Are The Fury on Wendesday night at the House Of Blues Anaheim. I travelled ALL THE WAY from Vancouver B.C. to see them. I attended the recent show at the commodore ballroom in Vancouver, but that being my first time just wasn't enough, and had to see more before they went home again! I managed to snag my tickets after the first Anaheim show had been postponed,which worked out amazing for me. So, i flew to a different country to see the boys in action again.

The opening band wasn't to shabby. I try not to be one of those " snub the opening band " people,but i can be. And i must say i didn't mind them at all! Lot's of energy,crisp sounding instruments.

Silverchair came on stage just after 9:30. They opened with Young Modern Station playying a shorter version of it then leading into Emotion Sickness. Israels Son was next up. Then they went into If You Keep Loosing Sleep. Which is one of my favorite songs off the new album and was amazing. I love watching them perform anything off of the new album, they seem so happy and there is a definite spark in Daniel's eye while playying them as well. Music is always better is the artist is super super into it and genuinely happy to be performing. And i really think they all loved it. I can remember specific orders for the songs, but other than those they played Freak,Ana's Song,The Door,Tuna In The Brine,Straight Lines

Mmm i believe that was it. All in all them performed very well, Daniel told everyone how jetlagged they were, and got the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to Chris. The crowd was alot diffferent than the Vancouver one, but it was a great concert nonetheless.

I have some videos and such up on my myspace www.myspace.com/tornfromheadtotoe




When I heard about the band coming to my corner of the universe, I was elated at the chance to see one of my favourite bands in the flesh.  Little did I know I was in for an audellic reverie of a lifetime.  The show lived up to all my hopes and more.  We are the Fury was excellent - palpable lyrics, impressive riffs, and commendable enthusiasm. 
Silverchair was sic - Daniel's essense snaps like Jacob's Ladder just ripping through each song with ingenious skill and I felt like he was truly giving a piece of himself to me and every person there with each performance.  Chris and Ben were equally skilled and perfectly practiced, giving 150% at all times, and Paul Mac gave a cunning performance by any means.  I did not realize how much Mr. Johns experimented with feedback on his guitars.  It was an element of the music I was delectably fascinated with and left me with a newfound respect.  I found myself feeling jealous of their opportunity to perform with Johns, whom I find unmatched in this world, and there are a lot of talented people in it.  This one is definitely something special.  He talked a lot throughout the 2 hour show, which was great because he's really very funny.  After the show, I scored one of Daniel's guitar picks!  And my 10 year old daughter (whom I've nurtured with great bands like this one her whole life) was generously bestowed with one of Ben's drumsticks!  ...made my night.  Thanks guys!  Excellent!  Much love from Socal, come back soon!