The Independent - San Francisco, USA


Howdy! Unfortunately, my camera is broken :( but I just wanted to say (I just came home from their SF show! 11/18) that Silverchair kicked SOOOOO much ass!!!!!!!!

I've seen them a few times before (like 6 years ago) and I am a HUGE fan!!! but man, they really had such an amazing energy! I have never seen Daniel so just... PUMPED!!!!! Playing guitar with his teeth, getting down and dirty on the ground, lots of audience interaction... and all the while, all the boys just seemed to be genuinely SMILING and full of such good and rocking energy the ENTIRE time! It might be safe to say that they even had more energy than the audience! I'm sure you guys get a million mails... and this one isn't any different or special... but that was seriously the perfect show!!! I was beaming from ear to ear the ENTIRE time!!!! Daniel's voice was just.... kyaaaaa!!! awesome! and so much range and playfulness and emotion... and fun!

This e-mail is getting stupid and babbling, but I just want to thank Silverchair and co. for the unforgettable show they put on... I didn't want it to end!!!! If some Americans might say they "are back" (whatever!) they at least lived up to that phrase and just rocked the house! Ohhh... I'm still gushing... brilliant!

Thanks again so much for the incredible experience, and best wishes for the rest of the tour... hope the energy and elation continues to be fueled! I love you guys!





SIlverchair's San Francisco Concert was better than I have ever imagined!  The band was just amazing and their energy was infectious!  I've been to many concerts of other great bands but this is THE BEST!
I saw a lot of people still giddy walking out the club, when it was over. I was so pumped up I had to scream inside the car to let it all out. :)

It was one of the best things I've ever been a part of!  SURREAL! I read a lot of postings on youtube saying Daniel can't sing like he used to, so not true! Dan was right on! He sang his heart out!  

Daniel is GOD! the rest of the Band was flawless too. The camaraderie was great and they were just having a lot of fun. The show opened with young modern then my favorite Emotion Sickness followed. It was EPIC! There was lots of funny moments, like I think Daniel kissed ben... his back was to me but my hubby told me they kissed..??? then Daniel had to go pee.... so paul mac and ben had to do one of those elevator versions of Girl from Ipanema. Dan had the whole guitar god goin on, playin with his teeth,  jumping on top of the piano and playin the guitar while layin on it, very cool.  There were lots of interaction with the audience and I can tell that people are just happy they're back, I talked to random people saying how excited they are to finally see silverchair: when I was waiting in line to get in, when I was in line at the restroom, waiting for my drink, the group of friends next to me on the floor.... I know the feeling coz I've been waiting for 10 years! I didn't get to see them in manila in '97  :(  and now I finally did. I can cross that off my list of things to do before I kick the bucket.

Anyway, I love all their new songs, 'straight lines' was sung perfectly and 'if you keep losing sleep' (my YM favorite) was such a rush but as soon as I heard Chris ripping the bass line of Israel's Son I just about lost it! Brought back a lot of fun High school memories. I've been a fan forever and witnessing this concert made me a definite fan for life!  Now if they would only play in Manila again...