The Joint - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, USA


I just returned to Canada from my Las Vegas trip to see Silverchair.  
Yes it was amazing.  Yes it was worth it.
I also traveled to Seattle in June to see them for the first time.  I have loved Silverchair for years so the second I found out they were touring in North America, I booked tickets and flights to the nearest venue.  When they posted a second round of tour dates...I had to go (even though this trip was not close at all).  

We arrived at the Hard Rock early just in case there was a line up.  To my surprise, there wasn't (unlike Seattle).  Although I didn't pay much attention to the concert goers around me, I must admit that it seemed like a small turnout.  Nonetheless, this made for a much more intimate atmosphere.  Or maybe I just imagined that they were singing to ME.  :)
As in Seattle, I can't recall the exact play list...What can I say?  I have been completely awestruck and overwhelmed by their live performances.  But I can say this; they offered a completely different show.  We thought that the funky atmosphere of the Showbox in Seattle lended something to their show, but no...They are just a consistently great band.  The energy and spirits were still high, but the music offered something new.  All the songs off Young Modern were performed with energy and passion...but more importantly - Daniel, Chris Ben and Paul looked like they were having fun.  I loved how Daniel intro'd Straight Lines.  He said something to the effect of "Get ready to dance and sing some beautiful words."  Which is what we all did.

Ana's Song was absolutely beautiful.  Daniel sang a lot of phrase endings in an upper falsetto which demonstrated a complete vocal range.  Another highlight of the night was Mindreader.  At one point , Daniel laid on his back (maybe for a breather)...then got up and just started rocking with the band through a wicked solo.  
Of course, I would have loved to have heard more from Neon Ballroom and Diorama...But understandably they are touring the States to promote new music and revive interest.  Young Modern content is uplifting, older music is still loved and hearing anything from them live is an experience that I will cherish.  

Now my plea to Silverchair:  Pleeeeeeeeeeeease come to Canada. :)