Vector Arena - Auckland, New Zealand

I had hoped this show might be in some way extended or bigger and badder but I was wrong. What they did bring was a different energy to a slightly larger crowd. I think about 3,500 at this one would be close to the mark.  
Daniel treated us to the "Parrot" Joke tonight and was generally animated as he sat down and refused to play until we all stood up. He also took on a chant of "Sil - ver - chair" and turned it into a rocky and funky tune with said lyric! The band also sung happy birthday to a chick in the sound pit. She was obviously a part of the crew, Ali, I think. She was a hotty anyway!
Daniel remarked: "I'm gonna play 3 more songs then I gotta take a piss!". He wasn't joking! He finished the third and said: "I wasn't joking about the piss!". He promptly ducked off stage whilst messrs Mac and Gillies provided lounge music for us to wait too! What a crack up!
The show was awesome but the much renowned "Vector" arena once again proved that it is not a good venue for bands that want to turn it up to eleven!
So, I was lucky enough to see three shows. No complaints! Bring on the next tour! If they come back here, you can bet your house i'll be going to all the shows again!
Hopefully the LAS will post my picture of me with Daniel and Ben on the Wall Of Fame so LAS members check it out! (Note for the LAS - yes we have posted the photo!)
NB. Interesting that the amps etc were not the bands gear. Daniel commented that it was all hired. First instance I have heard of him not playing through his Marshalls etc!




What can I say? What an absolutely amazing show! I have now been to 6 silverchair concerts, but I think this was the best of them so far! The lights the music, everything just was amazing. The boys have grown up into exceptional entertainers, the crowd absolutely loved it! And I was really grateful that the majority of the music were old tracks, the older the better I say. You hear the first few belts of the guitar and recognize the tune, and the crowd goes wild!

I was really hoping that silverchair was going to be on first, but alas it was powderfinger. So I was bit of a sad sack just sitting there during their performance, as I don’t know any of their songs. But I have to say, that If I knew their songs and was a follower, it would have been amazing too. But when silverchair finally came on, it was like bam! I was up on my feet screaming and singing my heart out. Just the old familiarity of their songs, the music beating through to your soul was fucking amazing.

Everyones been complaining about the vector arenas sound, but it was so loud the sides of my pants were vibrating! It was amazing!