TSB Bank Arena - Wellington, New Zealand

Same set (as Christchurch). Same brilliant stageing and lighting arrangements. Same buzz! The Wellington crowd probably jumped the highest and screamed the loudest but was probably smallest. We had great seats again and I was spurred on by my encounters with the bands earlier that day. I was lucky enough to meet them and have photos as we all flew from Christchurch to Wellington the previous afternoon. It was a rough flight which Daniel later commented on: "When nearly died on the plane here, so it's good to be here in Wellington!".
The crowd in Welly didn't seem to care what they played, which was the kind of attitude I had expected. Anything Silverchair got them pumped. I noticed that "Freak" caused some fairly rough water in the crowd and "Straight Lines" really got people vocal!
The sound was good, the night was great! Daniel even reprised the Koala joke. He also gave a bottle of water to a fan as his drink was: "Kinda magic if ya know what I mean?". He later said he like Wellington because "It's not Auckland!" He basically played the crowd to a 'T'. The funniest comment was when he said: "I can't give you a poick coz' i've only got four left and i've got a big solo coming up!".
Off to Auckland!




First of all congrats to the Powderfinger boys for putting on a great show. I was there to see the chair but was totally blown away by Powderfingers set. What a treat to get two great bands on the same night.

So after the break & a quick refreshment stop, the train started & out walks Dan & the boys to rip into Young modern station. This was my third Silverchair concert, the first being the 1995 Melbourne show when Dan jumped into the moshpit and was pulled out unconscious by a huge bouncer. Scary stuff. What a difference now, he barely said two words that whole show but he pretty much commands the stage now like a true pro. I was a bit worried that they wouldn't bring their A game as the arena wasn't completely sold out but right from the get go they were into it so I was stoked to get a pretty rocking set.

Can't remember the exact set list but highlights for me were;

Emotion sickness was huge, second track after YMS and this is where they really kicked in. Crowd sang 'Get up!' Awesome. The chorus to Ana's song.
We got the Koala joke! Stoked about that, sound effects and all.
Dan screaming 'Put your hands in the air - now clap' totally commanded the stage.
Insomnia & If you keep losing sleep the best of the new material. IYKLS particularly, they played it second to last & it sounded awesome.
My flatmate dropping three drinks - tragic!

From what I remember other songs played were,
Israel's son
Reflections of a sound (awesome)
Mind Reader
The Door (rocked)

Thanks to coming to Wellington & both putting on great shows, it was an amazing night & hope to see both bands out this way again.