John Dunmore Lang Place - Canberra, Australia


My fiance left that morning for the army for 3 months. i was upset knowing i wasnt going to see him for that long but excited knowing that i was going to see silverchair that night!!!

the girls from work were concert virgins so i made them all come to the show!

i forgot my I.D and was made to go in the under 18 line after lining up for an hour to get in!! damn it!

we ran to the merchandise stand got our tour t-shirt and ran to the front of the stage! we counted down for ages and as soon as the lights came on and the boys got on stage we all went crazy! everyone in the pit was sceamin out the words to the lyrics and as i stopped for a second i seen the smiles on everyones face as the boys were rockin away with young modern station!!

we loved how we could feel the beat goin through our bodies and were jumping around being complete tools!
daniel looked awesome bein a little show off with his guitar haha.

we met some intresing people and seen people crying...lol we're like dont cry just rock!!

i dont think anyone was expecting to heard alot of the older music but it wa awesome!! the lights and video shows were fantastic and it was great that everyone could be normal in the mosh pit and not push around to crazy!

my all time favourite was emotin sickness (freakin love that song) and if you keep loosing sleep. i think everyone was pretending to play the drums with that one!

awesome show guys, i think hands down the best ive been too in aaaaaages!!

keep it up! and dont be a stranger!