Claremont Oval - Perth, Australia

I adore these guys. My husband has never been that interested in Silverchair. While on holiday in Singapore, I logged in online to buy ATGD presale tickets to Chairpage subscribers. For all I care, I could have been on holiday in Machu Pichu but I would have found an internet connection somehow.
Just before he headed off on a lengthy rural road trip, I removed every CD from my husband's car and left him only one (no prizes for guessing which one).
Result: There are now 2 massive Silverchair fans in this household! My husband sang every word to every song and we concurred that this act is one of the few in the world that sound a hundred times better live than their recordings. I'm convinced that my neighbours are going to confiscate my Silverchair CD's one day - bad luck if they aren't fans because our house regularly resonates with the sound of Daniel's vocals.
We were completely blown away by everything - the musical quality, the passion and warmth, the audience interaction and the obvious enjoyment of performing despite most certainly having been completely knackered at this point.
Thank you for a truly incredible night guys. PLEASE do it again soon.