Entertainment Centre - Adelaide, Australia


Does this band rock...hell yeah, they are by far the best live band I've seen.  Crazy that they aren't headlining this tour though!
I had a great spot about 8 rows from front with a perfect view of Daniel and with a bit of ducking and weaving I could see all.  They played a great mix of old and new stuff, I loved it all but was absolutely stoked when they played Israels Son as I'd not heard it live before and was really hoping they would so that was a real highlight for me.  The tracks form Young Modern sounded awesome live, really strong and gutsy I was super impressed but not surprised as I expected a lot from the show and got it.  This was a powerful performance and I could really feel the emotion of the songs come through.
Daniel did some funky stuff with his foot pedals and really looked like he was getting into it and at times Ben and Chris just laughed and went along for the ride with the rest of us.
As far as the crowd went I was pretty disappointed with the Adelaide people yet again.  Tell me why you go to see a band to sit motionless on your butt all night???? C'mon Adelaide liven up!  Any way I sang, cheered and danced (if you'd call it that) for every second of my fave bands show and I thought it rocked!
Powderfinger...pass.  Had to stay cos my friend likes em, though I thought they were boring.  I could of happily walked out after the chair finished (as my brother did, thanks bro!).  Silverchair have this amazing stage presence and you just can't manufacture that stuff!!!
I was lucky enough to score a pic and autograph from Daniel as they left the second Adelaide show so  my "Live From Faraway Stables" boxed set is even more treasured now so a massive thanks from me to you!
Luv, luv, luv'd it and I'll be eagerly awaiting your next tour.




The first time I saw Silverchair was the '99 Neon Ballroom tour and I was only about 12 or 13 years old, I have been to every Adelaide Silverchair show since and they continue to blow me away. The highlight of my Silverchair "touring" experience was the May Thebarton Theater show as it was my 21st birthday and my best friends and I got to meet the boys before their sound check.. That was of course until the recent ATGD shows. I have always lined up all day to see the boys play and this show was no different. We were in the front row and standing our ground, Expatriate came out and played a very impressive short opening set, any band opening for Silverchair and Powderfinger would have a great deal to live up too and they had the crowd singing and clapping along. It felt like forever waiting for the crew to set up the stage and Silverchair to come out and when they did they exploded onto the stage with an old classic, "Israel's Son." The crowd went wild for this old silverchair favourite and the band played to their excitement.

They continued to play a energetic and loud set filled with the catchy new songs from "Young Modern"and rocking old ones to give every Silverchair fan something to sing along too, the highlights being "Emotion Sickness," "Freak", "The Door" and the hit new single "If You Keep Losing Sleep." Daniel played up to the crowd, getting everyone involved and entertaining us all with his Koala joke. Chris and Ben rocked out and showed us all that Silverchair continue to be as strong as ever. It was the first time I had been to a 'Chair show and seen the whole band so at ease on stage and into playing to an audience, its no secret that Daniel has been somewhat shy at previous shows but the last few shows I have been to have been incredible to watch and even more impressive as we are able to see a whole other side of a frontman who would once upon a time tell his audience that he didn't have very much to say.

It was a sold out show and an enthusiastic audience, not only did Silverchair captivate the crowd but another Aussie favourite, Powderfinger, followed on from the 'Chair and took out the night.

Overall one of the best Silverchair shows I have been to because of the diversity of the set and the energy on stage, and we certainly are the lucky country to have such talented artists come together and put on such a good show for such a good cause!



My friend and I arrived around 5:30, expecting an awesome show. Two great aussie bands. And to both silverchairs and powderfingers credit, they did not dissapoint! Expatriate (?) took to the stage, and, not being a fan of support acts most of the time, I wasn't so interested. That's not to say the crowd didn't enjoy them, I heard plenty of people singing along etc. So anyway, after Expatriate left the stage, we waited before lights dimmed, and after a teasing intro spectacle featuring flashing red siren-like lights and the chugga-chug of a train Silverchair took to the stage and tore into young modern. At this point, something occured to me. The crowd is just as bad as last time. My 3rd time seeing chair, the crowd got worse each time. By worse, I mean that the crowd stood stiff... I've seen rowdier times in a morgue. I go to chair, expecting dancing and moshing but for some reason adeliade would rather stand and watch. I think if Silverchair are putting in the effort to put on the spectacular show that they did, the least we can do is give something back to them (other than screams n claps). I won't dwell on my dissapointment with crowd thing too much, because there's no point. But so you get an idea, I was so mad I was considering writing a letter to apologise to silverchair for adelaide.
Anyways, they then went into Israels son for the 2nd song. A big fan of their old stuff, this just took me off guard. Their other hits and stuff another highlight was emotion sickness, they real took that song to a new level.
One thing I love about chair is their improvisation and ability to do more than whats on the Cd. Not only that, but the bands charisma on stage is just great. They really have a way of involving the crowd! Got some great vids and a pic or 2 of them, including a great one with daniel johns lying on the keyboards playing guitar. Some interesting things that happened... : durin mindreader daniel picked up a massive light and shon it over the crowd and tried to fire them up,
daniel told his funny joke, although this time with instrumental backing which was really funny.
After chair left the stage, powderfinger came on (was a bit surpised there was no silverchair encore? I just assumed for some reason each band would have an encore :( oh well)

I think maybe the crowd problem was there were too many powder fans and maybe they weren't into chair as much (still doesn't excuse the last chair concert in may or whatever). For a band I have never really listened to much, they won me over. Powderfinger were fantastic, all their hits like My happiness and these days and on my mind were great.

Was a bit dissapointed we didn't get the Powderchair peformance of substitute.. but we didn't deserve it! haha.
so overall:
Chair 10/10
Powderfinger 10/10
Crowd 1/10 (there were about 5 other people dancing)