Prince of Wales Showgrounds - Bendigo, Australia


Across The Great Divide on Saturday the 15th was so amazing!!!

6 years i've been waiting to see the 'chair and it finally happened and it was everything i could want plus more!! They opened with Young Modern station which was awesome, got everyone going. Mid-set there was a marriage proposal which was kind of awesome.

Only thing wrong with the gig was the fact that Silverchair didn't headline! Clearly they were the better of the two bands, and although Powderfinger were pretty mad, my heart lies with Silverchair! I've never screamed/sang so much at a gig, the new songs sounded so amazing live and i loved absolutely every minute of them! I had to work the day after with no voice, but i couldn't have cared less because I got to watch the best band in the world play live!

The set was brilliant, the fact that Paul Mac there was even more brilliant, the fact that the guys put on such a fantastic show was exceptional!!




On the 15th of September 07 Silverchair came to my home town, Bendigo. Im an obsessed fan and have been since i was 14 (im now 19 and thias was the third time i had seen them). The night had finally arrived! i was so excited! i had all my Silverchair gear on and was ready to rock! i got their at 9.30 that morning to make sure i would be the first one there! I even got a glimpse of the tour bus!

As soon as the gates opened at 4.30 i barged in and ran as fast as i could to the stage. If u saw me you would think i was being chased with a knife. I got the front row center as hoped for!

As soon as the boys came on i was screaming and crying! I Cant even explain the feeling. They were incredible! The show was even better then when i went the previous times in melbourne. Daniel really involved the crowd. Quite a few pleasant surprises!

I yelled out to chris "i love you chris!" and he looked at me and gave me a nod and smile. Ben threw a drum stick into the crowd but it fell between the stage and the crowd into the secuity section. The security guard picked it up and wouldnt give it to anyone. BUT...... towards the end of the show he came over and gave it to me out of all those people! I deserved it!

It was the best night of my life. It was perfect. Especially to walk away with ben's drum stick. It even has his name printed on it! What a score!

Cant wait to see all the boys again!... 




We got to Bendigo about 10:30am,  and we met some amazing people in line with us and  about 10 min before we were able to go in  to the showgrounds , the sniffer dogs came and sniffed us and my friend got taken away and searched and we were screaming at them he has no drugs and they can’t let us in until he comes back (he is a mad Silverchair fan ) luckily he came back just in time  and also someone we met got searched, they had no drugs either by the way,  so we made a dash to the front and we made it to the front row and we still had 1 hour 1/2 before it started  and then before something with numbers came on,  two security  guys came up and asked this lady  next to me if she was pregnant because it was a risk to the unborn child, what a crack up   she wasn’t pregnant of course,  it was worth every second and I was also happy at the fact something with numbers was playing also because i saw them at homebake last year and they did a wicked set, it had a lot of energy, it had  a mind blowing effect, then   later Silverchair came on  Daniel Johns poured his soul out on stage, they  were wicked !!! They played some old classics like freak, emotion sickness, miss you love and the door, but they played there new stuff also like young modern station , mind reader and  of course if you keep losing sleep and straight lines.  Young modern,  is fantastic album.   But the peak of the concert would have to of been, when Silverchair played freak the whole crowd  got into it   singing the words as loud as they possibly could and the crowd went wild and at that moment you realised why Silverchair has had  so much success and one of the greatest bands Australia has ever produced. When it was over we were driving home and a bird flew into the windscreen and exploded and left white stuff all over the windscreen,  it was the most funniest thing I’ve ever seen, it will be a event never forgotten for a long time.