ACER Arena - Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay, Australia


I just wanted to tell SOMEONE besides my husband who came with me to ATGD at Acer Arena on Sun 9/9, that i had the most AMAZING night ever. Silverchair and Powderfinger were both AWESOME but I was so spoilt - we were right in the front row, centre stage on the barricade and I still cant believe I was THAT close to Daniel I could see the sweat running down his face!!!!The guys were amazing and looked liked they were having a great time which made the crowd go even more crazy!

I was surrounded by 17 year olds but I felt (and probably went off) harder and crazier than them (Im 31yrs with a 2yr old son who was sleeping at home while I was rockin' the night away with the best of them!)

So a BIG THANK YOU to the Chair for a night I will never forget and I am so proud to support such a talented (in so many ways) Aussie band who do us proud everywhere they go and everytime they are on the air.

I hope the guys will put a DVD out of the show - I'll buy it so that's got to be reason enough!

And thank you to the LAS team for a great new fan site it looks GREAT!

That's all! Cheers.