Entertainment Centre - Brisbane, Australia


Im 41 this year.. I have been following the Chair since they first hit Triple J.. I saw them I think it was 1994 at the Big Day Out Gold Coast when they played the skate stage before they even released a album (only a four track existed) .. Ive been waiting to see Silverchair again for years!!!!.. and Sat Night finally got my chance.. I have been flogging the Young Modern cd for months leading up to it and have all their other cd’s as well,, I couldn’t wait!

I was busting from the seams with excitement all week! When we got there my hands were clammy and sweating in anticipation sitting there waiting for them to come out.. to my surprise the headliners were Powderfinger.  I imagined bursting into tears as soon as Daniel walked on the stage.. Instead all the sudden they were just there playing.. no intro just there on stage.. and I presume most of the crowd were there for Powderfinger, as they just did not get into it, the mood was dull and dreary.. though I still jumped up and down, screamed and danced like a 18yo.. Paul Mac was a great surprise on keyboards, Daniels voice was amazing.. I sang my heart out!!!

It took until they sung Straight Lines for the crowd to get into it, to me the rest of their time on stage was awesome as they played lots of old stuff as well as new but it took a while to get the crowd moving, what a bunch of dull people.. Daniel made reference to the gig the night before and said it was a triumph.. which made me think maybe he’s tired tonight, that’s why it feels weird .... I loved it don’t get me wrong.. but I was disappointed at the same time.... We left straight after Silverchair.. I went there to see the chair.. not Powderfinger.. as a die hard chair fan, I can’t wait to see them in a concert by themselves instead of being overshadowed by a band who doesn’t even compare in style, or who is so abstract like the chair… a crowd just there for the Chair would have been way way better.. I was one of the only people I could see who knew all the songs.. the Powderfinger fans brought the Silverchair fans down, I think..

Hope they can do their own thing really really soon…