Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

By Ivonne

Last night Silverchair played Paradiso in Amsterdam. Perfect setting for a good show, since they played there twice before. I've seen every show they've ever done in Holland so I think I have a good reference. The show they gave yesterday was musically perfect. I'd read the reviews of this tour in other countries and I'm pleased to inform you that we also got the now-world-famous- koala joke. Again I stress that musically the show was perfect, their hearts were not in it however. There seemed to be something in Daniels eye the entire show (or was it something else -readily available- in Amsterdam?)  and he was quite absent minded and not very positive towards the attention older songs got in spite of newer songs. Young Modern/Straight Lines may not get any airplay in holland, everybody sang along and jumped to it.. so a little more appreciation for al hall full of real fans you guys!!
Thanx for coming and better show next time? Grtz from a fan in Holland.


By Femke Bink

That show, it was real orgasm material. I have been waiting for it for eight years and it was worth the waiting. The first and only time I saw Silverchair playing before was at the 1999 Pukkelpop festival in Belgium.

The gig was dominated by the new Yong Modern songs and I love them. Though they do not get any airplay in the Netherlands thus far – crappy stations – the whole crowd could sing most new songs along word by word.

I was positively surprised by Tuna in the Brine being performed – it is my favourite Diorama song and I could not imagine it being played live this well.

Oldies like The Door and Freak made the crowd go wild, but I think these are far less interesting as songs and Daniel agreed with me I guess from his facial expressions. Fuck people who ask for more Frogstomp and Freakshow songs, Young Modern rules big time!

Daniel has a real strong rock performance, but the solos played with the teeth were not really my favourite moments in the show. Though, interesting technique – how do you do that? The joke with amazing sound effects was feeble but brilliant. I think it will be the second joke in my life which I will remember for more than one hour. The other one is the following: Two polar bears are on a peak. The one to the other: ‘Shall I push you over?’ The other: ‘No’. That’s hilarious.

Paradiso is the best venue in the Netherlands, it was sold out (I heard) and I got the show I had been waiting for, for eight years. And surprisingly I still have a voice today!