Rock Oz Arenes - Avenches, Switzerland

By Céline

This is the first time Silverchair came to the french-speaking part of Switzerland so I couldn’t miss that! So here I am in Avenches waiting for the show. There’s already lots of people; unfortunately they’re here for Indochine – huge French band that’ll play after Silverchair.

The band arrives on time and they begin with 2 songs from their new album “young modern”. Next, it’s “emotion sickness”; woaw this is incredible. I am amazed by the solo guitar from Daniel (the guy plays with his teeth!!). Even the rest of the public gets “in the vibe” and everyone “screamed” when he asked to.

The top of the show was with “freak” – the last one. Everybody was jumping, singing. I was a little disapointed they couldn’t come sing again after Freak (ordrers of the organisation of the festival I guess).

It was the first time I saw Silverchair live and what a time ! I won’t forget it. Thanks again for this great evening and you’re welcome back in Switerzland anytime you want.