More Lollapalooza Quotes

By Numerous (Numerous)

“Australia's Silverchair has come a long way since their 1995 debut "Frogstomp." Singer/guitarist Daniel Johns effortlessly led the band through grungy guitar-driven rock reminiscent of their earlier days (though they didn't play their first hit, "Tomorrow") to rock opera-esque flourishes in "If You Keep Losing Sleep." Johns, shirtless in skinny black pants with a red sash tied around his head, displayed a glam-rock sex appeal while slipping into falsetto and working his guitar with precision that included a couple of literal licks he played with his mouth. Silverchair has clearly matured and come into their own as a versatile band capable of beautiful melodies and rocking guitars that command an enthusiastic crowd and a response befitting acts booked to much later time slots. Both this set and their fifth album, "Young Modern," show Johns and company are poised for another surge of fame in the States. --Karen Budell (Chicagotribune.com)

“Most of us thirty-somethings associate Silverchair with premature grunge success and zero credibility. But in Chicago, the band set us straight, teaching us that it is really a stadium rocking outfit that draws on Queen’s dramatics as much Nirvana’s, or, if you don’t mind an overly deep reference point, late period ’90s glam-rockers Shudder to Think. Chair seemed to have no qualms about keeping the momentum going with kooky talk between songs: “I once had a dream that I vomited porpoises” will stay with me a bit longer than any particular lyric from the Aussie stars.” (TIME OUT)

“Among the highlights was the demonstration by Silverchair (upper right), all grown up, of why they are Australia's bestselling rock band ever. The sound was big, loud, confident, and singer Daniel Johns even seemed to channel Queen's Freddie Mercury on occasion.” (About.com)

“When did Daniel Johns get so damn hot???? Two scoops of yum with a meow on top!” (Perezhilton.com)