First Avenue - Minneapolis, USA


Last night Silverchair rocked the hell out of First Avenue in Minneapolis! I personally made the three and a half drive from Iowa to see this because like a lot of people out there, I have waited 12 years to see them live!
The 12 years was worth the wait because they came out and delivered the goods! When they finally came out to play (roughly 9:50 PM) a world of emotions came over me! It was an amazing feeling and from the opening beats of "Young Modern Station" I knew that this would be my greatest concert experience! "Emotion Sickness" was the third song in and I almost started to cry. It just hit me so hard and they proved that it is the best song ever written!
In the middle of the set, Daniel told the crowd that they would be back at Christmas time! That will be the best Christmas present ever! They played a lot of new stuff at the show, but the new songs are amazing and with songs from Diorama and Freak Show thrown in there, it was a set that never got boring and they kept the crowd screaming for more! Daniel showed his funny side by dedicating a song to Prince as well as telling his joke about the Koala, the Lizard and the Alligator! Paul Mac really made the joke with all the sound effects he was doing! Ben and Chris played to perfection and they all seemed to be having the time of their lives!
When they do come back in a few months, hopefully they won't take out an opening band so they can give their fans what all of us want, A THREE HOUR SILVERCHAIR SHOW!!!!



Have you ever been so excited in one short moment that you peed yourself? I'll admit it, I did (just a teensy) on August 5, 2007 as Silverchair came on to perform a BRILLIANT set for Minneapolis. Not only did the band kick it, but they united the upper mid-west.  South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin (myself from Milwaukee, WI) were represented as the crowd was full of fans that know a good laid-back koala joke when they here one.

Since I waited 12 years and drove 5 1/2 hours for my first Silverchair show, I had high expectations. All were met with the first lick of "Young Modern Station" as Daniel Johns held the crowd by the balls and never let go. One of the most impressive things about Silverchair is that they are a band that sounds just as awesome, and better in concert than on their albums. THAT is pure genius because they prove themselves with showmanship rather than album sales, bling, or fancy cars (however, they did arrive in a rockin' banana-boat of a bus).

The concert was a great mix of songs from Young Modern ("The Man That Knew Too Much," "Straight Lines," "Insomnia," "Reflections of a Sound"). The highlight was the crowd impressing Daniel with their "doo doo" ability for "If You Keep Losing Sleep." These mixed with Diarama's "Without You" and "The Greatest View," Neon Ballroom's "Emotion Sickness "and "Ana's Song," Freak Show's "Freak" and "The Door," brought the mostly 20-something crowd from adulthood to puberty and back to adulthood.

Ben and Chris were cool cats and lent Daniel sound effects to his joke. If you are looking for hilarity, just watch Paul Mac behind his keyboards; this guy needs to be trademarked.

All I could feel is contentment after the show b/c time and time again they prove to be my (and many other cool peoples') favorite band. Keep it up guys! Who knows, some day you may make something of yourselves!



I figured since the two reviews for First Avenue that are posted involved people who had to travel to see silverchair I a fellow traveller (and also a fan who waited a good 10 years to see silverchair) would add my review.  My drive took 13 hours (I came from Canada) and the show was totally worth the straight there and back drive .

The concert was the most amazing concert I`ve seen, and I`ve seen a few big names (Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Van Morrison)  and Silverchair was the best by far.  Not only do they sound amazing live they are great showman.

I`d have to say my favorite part was the beginning of If you keep losing sleep when the crowd started singing the beginning non-words part and Daniel smiled at Paul Mac, it looked like it was because he was happy that everyone knew that song.  Also Paul Mac rocks!!!! He did an amazing job and really looked like he was having a great time which makes watching the show even better.