Le Spectrum - Montreal, Canada


At around 21h15 silverchair came on stage! The guys seemed to be in a very good mood, smiling a lot at each other. Dan used his little French, saying “merci beaucoup” a lot and doing the countdown “un deux trois quatre” to a song. My highlight definitely was Emotion Sickness. Wow. It brought tears to my eyes. Then I also really liked Straight Lines. And Freak in the encore. Speaking of the encore… It was a sucky one! A single song (Freak)! Lights went on in the venue, boring loungy music started playing and techs came on stage to take everything apart. The crowd chanted and clapped for a second encore. We wanted more! But nope… And it was just 22h20! They played barely over an hour! That’s my only negative point.  Nevertheless, thanks to silverchair for finally returning to Montreal!



The show in Montreal was awsome but somewhat short. Still, it lasted over one hour but it seemed like five great minutes. I met the guys and I have to say that they are obviously very nice and but quite shy. I also met Paul Mac, whom I have nothing bad to say about! This guy is social, nice, and energetic! The night itself was priceless. These guys are geniouses to put together such original music.

The set list was great, however one song from Frogstomp would have been pretty amazing, and I know a lot of fans would have liked that. It is understandable that the guys have played these songs hundreds if not thousands of time before, and that they choose not to play 'Frogstomp' again.

It was my first time to see them live and sure as hell not my last!!!! It was how I expected it to be: a psych rock show!

Hopefully, it won't take another 8 years before they come play in Montreal again!

Silverchair is the band best that ever made music!




When I found out that Silverchair was coming to Montreal I freaked out. I have been a fan of Silverchair forever, and I have never seen them live. I literally counted down the days until the show!

I didn't know if there would be a lot of people when I got there because I often don't hear people talk about Silverchair around here, but I was pleasently surprised to see the place absolutely packed!

I didn't know what to expect really, having never seen them live.. but I have to tell you.. a Silverchair concert is really an experience in itself. The guys were simply put, amazing.

They started off their set with some tracks from YM, but also played some songs from mostly Diorama and Neon Ballroom. The crowd was really great, I haven't seen such a responsive crowd in Montreal in quite a while. When they played Emotion Sickness the crowd went insane and everyone chanted GET UP...

For me the highlight was seeing Daniel's guitar skills live. I knew he was an amazing guitarist, but seeing the way he worked the sound effects with his pedals was just amazing, I have never seen anyone work pedals like an instrument before! And of course, him soloing with his teeth!

The only sad thing was the show was a little on the short side and with only playing Freak as an encore.. perhaps this is due to Daniel recovering from his recent illness?

Either way.. the one thing that I learned from going to this concert was that a Silverchair concert is really a celebration of music. These boys LOVE what they do and it shows with every note that they play.

The crowd did not want to see them go, when they left the stage for the final time the crowd stayed on forever cheering and chanting for them to come back on.. I have never seen a crowd work so hard to try and get a band to come back... it was clear that the entire crowd just adored the show.