Roxy Theatre - Atlanta, USA


Damn, 4th time seeing the fellas.... and no doubt about it, the best yet. Drove from Florida to Atlanta, a pretty short trip considering the last 2 times i had to fly to NYC.
Set List : (close to in order, i was drunk)
Young Modern Station
Emotion Sickness
The Man That Knew Too Much
Without You
Reflections Of A Sound
Those Theiving Birds / Strange Behaviour / Pt.2
Ana's Song (Open Fire)
The Greatest View
The Door
Mind Reader
If You Keep Losing Sleep
That's it for sure... i mean, they are so damn good, i honestly wish they'd played All across the World & Waiting all Day instead of the 2 off Freak Show but i know they knew the crowd wanted some old stuff, and from talking to a few people in the crowd they seemed dissapointed that nothing from FS was going to be played, the guys seemed super happy to be in Atlanta, they were throwing beer and Powerade on each other.. & at the end of the set Dan threw Ben's kit all over the stage... it was obvious they were having fun. Truly great, come back after the re-scheduled California shows guys....


"Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back" (this is gunna be long sorry..)

So as I sit here the morning after my first Silverchair concert, one of my ears is still ringing and I can't believe that I finally saw my favorite band live.

Before the show I met Paul Mac, who was very nice and got a picture taken with him. Asked him about The Dissociatives and off I went. Didn't really enjoy the opening band....

So the train music starts and out they come and I can't believe it. I've been watching all these youtube videos and such for years now and now I'm actually standing there watching Ben, Chris, and Dan walk out onstage myself. They open with YMS and I'm thoroughly surprised and pleased to see just how many people know the words already. After that we get TMTKTM and Low in quick sucession and I can't believe this is happening. Two of my fav Young Modern tracks back to back...Again very pleased with the whole crowd not only totally being into the new songs but a majority of people knowing them...

I don't really remember the order after that so I can just give details about the songs.

Insomnia is a badass song live. Lots of clapping and dancing.

Emotion Sickness is something everyone should experience at some point in there life. Crowd loved every minute of it, and totally owned the "get up" part.

Without You had the crowd getting quite into it. Clearly people were familiar with Diorama and wanted to hear it.

Reflections actually kicks some serious ass live. I was suprised as it's one of my least favorite YM tracks, but it transfers amazingly well live. The channel V videos of it performed do the song zero justice in the live setting. I think Dan did some vocal changeups as well, which were frequent tonight keeping things interesting...

Dan and Chris had quite alot of interaction which was nice. I can't remember which song, but at one point the two were even leaning one another.

I didn't want to hear Ana's Song but once it started I was totally into it. Great participation on everyone, and even Dan seems to have gotten over the boredom it seems he was having with it on some of the videos I've seen this past year.
TTB is another one of those songs everyone needs to experience at least once. Once Strange Behaviour kicked in everyone had a serious groove going.

Straight Lines was well Straight Lines..great song. that's all I can really say about it. Dan let us sing the first chorus. He hit all the notes from what I heard as well.

TGV was amazing. Another one of the songs was totally into. Made me want to hear more Diorama tracks.

The Door was another one I wasn't overly-excited at hearing but once it started I was right there with everyone else. And it's actually pretty damn cool watching Daniel play guitar with this teeth. Funky song. Where Sam Holloway and Stuart used to have their solo's during the song, Dan gave it to Chris tonight.

Mind Reader was easily the best song of the night. The intro's been changed up a bit and is a lot fun. Everyone was all over the place during the song.

Apparently during one of the little instrumental pauses or whatever Dan hit himself with his guitar..nice job haha.
IYKLS also one that is tons of fun for everyone Freak as a closer was absolutely ridiculous and amazing. The crowd went nuts. I can see why after all these years Daniel still plays it.

Ben knocked his drums over after Freak. and then Daniel proceeded to throw one of the toms in the air twice to the adoration of the crowd before walking off.

Dan was in rare form tonight and was absolutely hilarious. There were tons of comments about being gay and gay people.

"Ben wants everyone to know he's not gay. Chris is well...impartial..(to which Chris nods his head no). You should've seen him 45 minutes ago, he was pretty impartial then. And me I'm completely...straight.(to which he begins to laugh), no i'm not."

"This song is about gay love" (Reflections of a Sound).

"I've been drawing a fake black eye for a few years now, and now thanks to you guys this one really is".

I don't remember the exact words here but he mentioned being happy to be back in Atlanta or something and that the band was now ready to have sex with all the gentlemen in the crowd haha..

At one point he tossed back one of his powerade bottle drinks, and totally made the "this is a really shitty mix drink" face, which was pretty funny.

The parrot joke which I had never heard before was hilarious. And apparently Daniel is now a bit more computer savvy as he told us if we wanted to hear the Koala joke we'd have to go on youtube because he wasn't going to tell it.

I could go on and on, but i'm gunna stop now. Amazing show. Boys were in great spirits. Dan made very nice compliments about the crowd. I talked to some really cool people, didn't get any names but they were nice. Had a great time, hopefully it's not the last time. Really makes me want to travel and catch another one.


The coolest thing about Silverchair shows in the USA is that people come from all over the country to watch, so there are lots of familiar faces. I came from Miami. As we alternated between line and tourbus, I got to chat with Paul Mac a bit, and get my I Can't Believe it's not Rock CD signed by him (It had been signed by Daniel in 2003). A bit later, Daniel came out. In contrast to the New York show where there was a blazing mad dash from the cab to the venue, Daniel stayed and hung out with the crowd for several minutes, happily taking pictures and signing autographs.

He later apologized inside the venue for acting "coo coo" outside the tourbus. Apology accepted, but we're not sure what for :)

The show was great. Unlike the Bowery show in February, I actually knew the songs on the new album really well.  It's quite a treat to hear this stuff being pulled off live cause it's so colorful, even without all of the orchestrations and backing vocals- and the band is so lively. I've never seen anyone bounce quite as much as Paul Mac.  I think his piano stool and toosh are made of super space age synthetic rubber.

So fourteen songs (Those Thieving Birds was played!!!!!), a hillarious, band-backed parrot joke, and a rented Yamaha drum kit demolition later (cause Dan would never break Ben's Sopranos!), the show was over. Boys, I'll see you soon, and please make it to South Florida next time. We've got beautiful ocean you'll enjoy. Promise.

Thanks for the beautiful show!