Young Modern

By Simon Vozick-Levinson (Entertainment Weekly)


MY, HOW THEY"VE GROWN If you only know them as the grunge-era band of 15-year-olds, Silverchair will surprise you with their maturation on Young Modern.
Even during their days as teenagers in a second-string '90s grunge act, the Aussies of Silverchair had a knack for turning out memorable hooks. Still, the transformation they've pulled off for their first LP since '02 is fairly astonishing. Young Modern is a polished glam-rock suite, boasting more ecstatic melodies and colorful riffs than their four previous efforts combined. Frontman Daniel Johns' voice, once unremarkable, now soars from campy snarl to sensitive falsetto in mere moments. Here's hoping Silverchair's second act is just getting started. A-