Civic Theatre - Ballarat, Australia


I was in a huge rush to get back from the city, running home to make it back by four o’clock. I just made it. I went to Jess’ house, and I was greeted with excellent news: her dad had arranged backstage passes for us!! The trip to Ballarat took about an hour, and nothing outstanding happened on the way up.

Jess’ mum went and picked up the passes for us, and he gladly put them on, walking to the Civic Centre. We knew we were showing off, but we couldn’t resist. As we walked past people, we heard things like, “Ask her if she knows the band”, and, “How did they get passes?”

We went to the front door, flashed our passes, and we were in. We ended up not even using our actual tickets. Everyone was really nice, and no one gave us shit for hanging around backstage.

We were told to ask for John Watson, but he and the band hadn’t arrived yet, so a man (who’s name I don’t know, but he had long hair, so, I’ll just call him the long haired dude), yeah, he said that the band will be arriving at 8:30, he’ll come and get us at quarter past. We then asked the mixing desk guy if we could watch the show from the side of the stage this evening, and he said that was cool.

I don’t know what it is with rockin’ kids and silverchair, but there were heaps here tonight, one kid left even before silverchair came on because it was too loud.

We went to the other side of the stage, and found Daniel’s guitars. A photo was taken, and we just sat there for a bit. We met one of the roadie’s daughters, and she was pretty nice, she’d been to three shows out of the whole tour.

Nothing much was happening, so we went outside for a bit. Jess’ mum was supposed to arrive with the camera, so we were kinda waiting for her. It was really messy outside, and I hate litter, so I decided to pick it all up. Jess just looked on as if I was a dickhead, and I have looked like one, but litter is not good. With my good deed done for the day, I sat down, and we continued to wait. Jess’ mum finally arrived with the camera and her brother.

There was a bit of a fight about why Ed (Jess’ bro) can’t come in, but he did, and in the end, he wasn’t any trouble. We went backstage, and looked around, I was thirsty, so we went into Magic Dirt’s dressing room and got some water. Naughty. There were two levels to the backstage area, and as we were coming down from the second, all the boys were going up. Ben saw us, and realised that he met us in Melbourne, a confused look, then a happy smile. Daniel went straight to the dressing room, which had lots of fruit that I wanted, Chris hung around, and Ben went out to the side of the stage to see Magic Dirt.

There was a kid about two years old, who I think, knew Magic Dirt, he was dancing and grooving, and then he decided to go onto the stage, he nearly got there, but his mum caught him.

We went backstage, we were introduced to Chris, we managed to release the word’s “Hi, how are you?”, he was extremely polite, and cool we just sat there for a while. John Watson came up to us and said, “You’re (insert Jess’ dad’s name) kid’s right?” We said yep, and then we were told that the guys are warming up, so before they go on, we can do something. We asked if we could get a photo, and he said, “I wouldn’t usually do this, but since you’re wearing that badge, I will. Good call”. I was wearing my “No Animal Eating” badge, and obviously, it was a hit.

while we were waiting for the guys to come down, we could hear Daniel warming up his voice, with lots of “La, la, la...”, and what have you. Daniel went to the toilet, but didn’t close the door. Cool. Some weird noises being made by Ben were coming from the dressing room, and all this was incredibly funny and surreal.

John started to talk to this women, who, at first, I thought was Julie Johns, but I figured it couldn’t have been. He was telling her a story about how Daniel’s mum kept asking him not to say fuck on stage, Johns was saying something like, “ ‘Why can’t I say fuck, mum? It’s not like it’s a rude word or something, fuck. You know what Mum, FUCK YOU!!’ And then he went on with this whole rave about censorship, and it was really funny.” Just then, Daniel came down the stairs, stretching and stuff. He’d put Tiger Balm or something like that on, “This stuff hurts more than the injury.”

The kid that nearly ran on during Magic Dirt’s set, came in and Daniel smiled at him. He was complete with his oversized tour top and all. It was just about time to go on, and the guys came down to get a photo taken. Ben stood next to me, Chris on the other side of Ed, and Daniel sat on the floor. John took the photo, and they were off. As we were waiting to go out, I was looking at Ben’s muscles (he had no shirt on). Shit! Drumming really does give you a work out. Daniel was getting really hyped, and I think he was a bit nervous. He had his hands over his face, and it looked like he was having trouble breathing.

OK, I’ll tell you what they were wearing. Daniel was wearing a black t-shirt, his white pants, and Cons that had “FUK” written on one shoe, “YOU” on the other. There was no C. Chris wore some t-shirt with those funny little aliens, black shorts, and I can’t remember what shoes. Ben was just wearing black shorts, and Airwalks.

The guys walked on stage, and we took our positions. The music was so loud, that the walls were crumbling. I’ve still got shit in my hair.

They played a set of 15 songs:

Abuse Me
Pure Massacre
Suicidal Dream
Pop Song For Us Rejects
The Door
The Closing
No Association
Learn To Hate
Israel’s Son
Nobody Came
Remix For Us Rejects

A roadie gave me a set list, and one of Ben’s used sticks that says “Ben’s Wood”. They’re funny. During Cemetery, Ben just sat behind his drum kit with his leg’s crossed, he looked pretty silly. I’m not sure where Chris went. I must say, tonight wasn’t the best performance I’ve seen of their’s, but the crowd wasn’t the greatest one either. But, it’s like everyone says: even on a bad night, they’re great.

Daniel didn’t talk to the audience as much this evening, he dedicated a song to his mum, ‘cos it was her birthday. I think the funniest thing he said was, “We’re going to see who can dance the best, the top or the bottom. I’m going to keep tags on who’s the best. The winner gets to have sex with Ben Gillies, including males. He’s experimented on me, and it’s not bad.” He also said something about loving your pets, I didn’t hear it all though.

We got some pretty good photos from the side of the stage, waiting for developing. “We’re Nirvana”, and Daniel started to play Come As You Are. I always love sarcasm.

Once again, Ben amazed me with his stamina, and skill. One time, when he broke a stick, he didn’t even miss a beat when he went to grab the next one.

And Daniel is certainly fond of his rude finger and the word fuck. And he has incredible stage presence. During Remix, he was screaming, and he said, “Body and soul, suck my big fuckin’...woops!” He also jumped between the mosh and the barrier, dancing around.

I can’t really remember much else, I guess Daniel would have used the same guitars for each song as the Melbourne gig.

Watching from the side of the stage is a whole heap better than anywhere else, everyone was really nice to us too.

That’s about it for me, there’s nothing much else to say except that everyone was super nice (I know I just said it), John and the dude with the long hair especially. I wish silverchair heaps of luck with the last two shows of the tour, and next year with their break and the new album.



My friend and I had just been to the melbourne festival hall gig but after enjoying it so much we decided to go to the one at ballarat too... the country folk are a lot more laid back than melbourne that is for sure..the mosh pit was pretty dead although silverchair were going sick. i dont think they know the meaning of the word..mosh..anyway..i cant remember what the first band was called but they were ok...sounded a bit like helmet meets the mark of cain..next up was magic dirt and they rocked as they did at festival hall...i got a set list after magic dirt which is a big thrill to me cause i love them..

silverchair took to the stage after magic dirt and opened with freak which was cool but comparing the pit during that song to festival hall was weird..being in front row for both gigs..i hardly got to watch the song at festival hall due to all the crowd surfers..but at ballarat..it was as if the song wasnt even released out there...strange..

i think the crowd pissed daniel off a bit cause he was telling the people up in the balcony to come down to the pit...he probably thought it would get the pit going more but it didn't... next song was roses which rocked too...then they played slave and that was unreal...being my fave silverchair song...

just before the door, daniel said that he was having a competition for the person that rocks the hardest...and the winner gets to have sex with ben gillies...this, of course, sent the girls wild...screaming teenies everywhere...geez i wish i could go to over 18 shows!..before the gig even started girls were yelling out their shit..we want daniel blah blah blah..and i just yelled back...no we dont, we want silverchair..i hate the ones that think silverchair is a danielchair...

at the end of the gig i got a stick from a roadie who was a really nice guy and cause i play drums...i was just in shock to have my fave drummers stick that he played with in my hand..ben really is a sick drummer...

silverchair did not play tomorrow which was sorta suprising but cause i have been to 7 silverchair gigs now i was expecting them not to play it one day..spose they are sick of it..they played the closing which i have not heard live before so that was cool...

they went off stage and for their encore they played nobody came and the freak remix which is good to watch live...daniel just climbs all over the stage, chris moves around heaps and hangs over his bass going sick too and ben also goes sick, he looks like a caveman the way he jumps around bashing the strange drums he uses for this song...no offence to ben or anything...it is good to see him going so sick...

i talked to magic dirt after the show and they are so down to earth..i hung around for silverchair but they had left already...

overall the gig went off but the mosh pit was just too dead..oh well..

daniel seems to have a bit of an attitude problem when it comes to being on stage but i know it is all an act...sticking his fingers up to the crowd and sometimes just generally being rude..but it is just a stage thing i reckon...he is also funny at times so that makes up for it...

melbourne, festival hall was better, only cause of the crowd but this still rocked and i cant wait to see silverchair again...