Schweppes Centre - Bendigo, Australia

By Casey O'Brien

I had never been to a Silverchair concert before, so I didn't really know what to expect. I knew they were a good live band and the concert definitely was beyond my expectations. The support acts, local band King Sung and Magic Dirt were a good lead up to silverchair, I especially liked Magic Dirt.

At about 9:00 the band came on and opened with an Israel's Son intro followed by Slave. The next song was Roses and later on Ben and Chris left the stage when Daniel played Cemetery. I was really cut when Daniel played the first few bars of Tomorrow and then decided to play another song. During the middle of the set the crowd got wilder and Daniel played along with them. One memorable moment was when Daniel said to the crowd "Has anyone ever had sex with an endangered species of tiger?" and after the reaction he said "Well don't do it cos they don't like it." Following that he said "We only kiss cats, cos cats are pretty." I think the crowd were most excited when the band played Freak and the heater/lights things were turned on. Also, it is one of silverchair's more well known songs. Daniel dedicated The Door to Ben and his childish pranks because he felt sorry for him. The band finished with an explosive version of Freak(remix for us rejects) with Daniel walking up and down the speakers.

Setlist (no particular order)

Slave (Israel's Son intro)
Abuse Me
The Door
Minor Threat
Pure Massacre
Israel's Son
No Association
Nobody Came
Suicidal Dream
Freak (remix for us rejects)



This was actually the first 'chair concert that i have been to. And i have to say that it was awesome. The bands started at 7:00, with King Sung(a local band) pumping out an intense half hour set. One reccomendation, if you haven't heard King Sung, request them on your local radio station, It's worth it!

After Magic Dirt finished their luke warm set, it left me and i think many others thinking 'what's so good about Magic Dirt. We want King Sung!'.

silverchair started their set at 9:00. The lighting was good but i think that they tried to build up the crowd for too long and everyone started to get a little pissed off.

Strangely silverchair started with a few bars of Israel's Son then went into Slave, which i thought was strange, although they played Israel's Son later on. When Chris and Ben walked off stage for Daniel to play Cemetery, Daniel reportedly spat on the crowd(although i didn't see it) and said "come on have your best shot! If you can spit on me you get to come up and dance on stage Naked!"

Much to everyone's dismay, no one danced on stage!

After cemetery, something strange happened. Daniel started to play the first few bars of Tomorrow, but then stopped and started on a new song. One that i haven't heard before. I still aren't sure if it was a cover or a new song, but it really pumped.

By the time they reached The Door, everyone was moshing harder than ever before, and i think Daniel got a buzz out of the atmosphere as well. They played Pure massacre after that and then Freak and Israel's Son before they took a break.

After the Freak remix at the end of the encore, I think it left Bendigo thinking "silverchair rocks," The whole gig kicked and it was a great night all around. Pitty about the lack of merchandise for sale.

If you havent seen silverchair live, you dont know what you're missing out on.



We heard that Ben would be making a world exclusive appearance to promote Pearl Drums at Easdens Music. It was rumored that it was for drummers only, and it was also invitation only. But we went anyway. We didn’t know what time Ben would be there, so we ended up waiting 3 and a half hours shitting our pants. Every time a car passed we’d look up hoping that it would be him.

When we were about to give up hope, and head back to the Schweppes Centre to catch the soundcheck it we were lucky, a crowd of people were beginning to accumulate nearby. We knew that he would be there soon. We waited another 15 minutes and then there was a huge surge forward. HE WAS HERE!!!!

He looked very relaxed, and stood behind a classroom table. He posed for various photos, stuck his tongue out and was friendly to everyone. He took his time signing autographs, indicating how comfortable and relaxed he was. Often he ran his hand through his newly cut mohawk, proud of the "new do". After taking heaps of pics (half of which didn’t work) I finally approached him shy but excited. He autographed my ticket and The Door single. I asked him if he was looking forward to the Bendigo gig that night. He looked up, smiled and said "Nah". I asked him "Why", and he replied "Nah, nah, I was only joking. It’ll be cool." I heaved a huge sigh of relief, worried that because Bendigo is a smaller town than others on the tour, that the gig would be empty and maybe they weren’t too hyped about a "smaller gig". We posed for a photo together. He handed back my newly autographed stuff, gave me a huge grin and said "Bye". We were on a high for the rest of the afternoon.

After posing and autographing stuff for about 100 people, a huge crowd considering that the appearance was "secret" and on invitation only, my friends and I left as he entered the store and the doors were locked behind him. We started walking away, had a look in a nearby shop and on the way out the door I heard screams. I looked up, and there was Ben and his bodyguard walking at full speed straight towards me. I had a hernia! I grabbed my camera and must have looked like a total geek. As I looked up, still fumbling for my camera, Ben was laughing at me. They kept walking down one of main streets of Bendigo, fans in tow, cars passing by, honking their horns. They rounded the corner and jumped into one of their snazzy white Tarago vans. As they drove off, Ben gave the ridgy didge signal followed by the bird, fans waving and returning his signals. We all watched as the Tarago (front hubcap missing by the way), was out of sight.

Time was getting late, my friends and I ran for the next bus to the Schweppes Centre. We arrived at around 4:45pm, silverchair noises emerging from the centre. We paced the whole outside looking for a way in. A girl came out of one of the side doors, puffing and saying how hot it was in there. We didn’t care, thanks to her we had found a way inside. Around 10 other fans followed our lead. We hid behind the chairs hoping that no one would see us and kick us out. The girl was not joking. It was like a sauna in there. Then we saw them. Daniel was kneeling down on the stage, strumming his guitar and strains of Abuse Me were filling the auditorium. We stayed there watching for 10 to 15 minutes until we were caught and told that if we sneaked back in we wouldn’t be allowed back into the concert later that night. We didn’t care. We left, satisfied with getting a glimpse of the ‘chair’s "check"! Other warm up songs played were Cemetery, Shade and another loud thrashy song that we didn’t recognize.

By this stage it was just past 5pm. Crowds were getting bigger and bigger, people already lining up at the doors. We tried to get backstage. And failed. This time we were told that our photos had been taken and people at the door were told not to let us in. We weren’t worried. As if!!

We entered the gates around 7:30 after which Magic Dirt were just beginning to warm up, and near the end they were fantastic. The pit was really getting into them. Adalita spoke after almost every song, cracked jokes and told the Bendigo mosh pit that we were "beautiful". We were happy to hear this ‘cos we knew the pit would be going off even more when the ‘chair were on.

Near the end of the ‘Dirt’s set we decided to enter the mosh pit. This was not a good idea as everyone else had the same idea. All the people sitting in the seats saving themselves for the silverchair mosh, raced down to the pit all at once. Once we were in, no one would let no one through. Bouncers were handing out cups full of water. It was hot, it was sweaty and it stunk! Everyone was squashed. It was more of a push pit than a mosh pit near the front but near the back the mosh was going off. Everyone wanted to get near the front and it was aggressive as hell.

As roadies moved around to set up the stage, strains of ???? (we’re not sure if it was AC/DC, Zeppelin or Sabbath - we knew at the time) escaped from the speakers.

The crowd was hyped. Everyone was chanting "silverchair, silverchair, silverchair!" The lights dimmed and finally out they came!! Israel’s son was the opening intro which then turned into a roaring version of Slave. Their stage presence was really powerful, with a lot more movement - especially from Daniel who threw himself all over the stage. One stray dread stuck out of his head like an antennae. Ben pounded the drums like there was no tomorrow, his tongue sticking out from the bottom right corner of his mouth - his sign of concentration. Chris hunched over his bass, seeming to enjoy himself a lot more on stage. A more relaxed feel has developed in his playing.

Abuse me was the second song, with and extra guitarist coming on stage for the extra sound. Daniel "We are joined here on stage by Martin Luther King" He said something before that, but screams coming from the crowd were too loud for us to hear. Daniel’s vocals were particularly piercing in this song.

We think Pure Massacre was the third song followed by Faultline. Before which Daniel said, "If spit lands on you, you’re allowed to come up on stage and dance naked (everybody screams), but only naked. Hey, I don’t care if anything lands on me (puts out arms), here, take a shot, I really don’t give a fuck…just not while I’m playing though because it puts me off." During the song Daniel sang, "Every mother fucker JUMP!!!!" The mosh pit went psycho!! Heads were popping up and down everywhere.

Cemetery was next. "This is where the guys leave the stage, I’m gonna play this by myself."

Dan played by himself, staring into space with sweat dripping everywhere. Cemetery was really intense lyrically, sung with heaps of emotion and pain. Because of the sweat, mascara was creating pools of black under his eyes. Two big lumps of audience slag sat on his t-shirt the whole song, but Dan was happy, at least it didn’t land on him while he was playing! He changed his pitch often, his vocals a few octaves higher than normal which sounded fantastic. During the song he threw one of his pics out into the pit and there were screams as a pile of girls fought over it.

Ben and Chris came straight out after the song for Suicidal Dream. The mosh pit pumped in the final few bars as he screamed "suicidal, suicidal, suicidal dream". At the end of the song, he placed the end of the microphone into his mouth and literally got on with it.

We think Roses was next. "Put your hands up if you’re a prostitute! Put your hands up if you’re a homosexual! Put your hands up if you’re a lesbian! Put your hands up if you’ve had sex!!!!!! (everybody puts up their hands and yells YEAH)….with an endangered species of tiger, ‘cos Ben used to have sex with his pet white tiger, but then we found out from the animal liberationists that it wasn’t cool. So then we invested in a cat, and we only kiss cats ‘cos cats are cute. You’re a pretty politically correct audience."

Next was The Door in which Daniel dedicated to Ben. "Ben’s got new shoes because he’s not as naturally beautiful as me. (Everybody screams) This song is dedicated to Ben ‘cos I feel sorry him." The Door is awesome live and the mosh thrived.

After almost every song a slag was sent flying into the pit. Daniel was having a good time letting loose his greenies and Ben did his fair share of slagging up near his drum kit aswell.

Minor Threat was next, followed by an awesome version of No Association (our favourite ‘chair song). Bits of his newly acquired exorcist voice was coming through in this song. "Fugazi!! If it means thank you I didn’t mean it ‘cos we don’t thank people. I think it’s Spanish or something."

Spawn followed which was really energetic. The crowd was singing along, drowning out Dan’s screaming main lyrics ‘who’s the bad guy, who’s the bad guy.’ "Thank you, thank you, thank you to you over there (to left hand side ofaudience), and thank you to you over there as well (to right hand sideof audience, crossing arms over), thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,thank you (looking at mosh pit). We’re going now ‘cos I can’t singanymore, I’ve been yelling too much." (Everybody yells stay as theyleave the stage, Daniel taking a quick swig of a full water bottle before throwing it into the mosh.)


(Everybody chants "we want more, we want more") Daniel comes out 5 to 10 minutes later and everybody stops chanting. "Awww why’d you stop? I liked that!!"

The other guys came back out and they launched into a mad version of Freak. Either 5 or 6 of the heaters that were used in the Freak video were turned on for the first time, the crowd cheering. Throughout the song Daniel yelled "as cool as fucking all of you" and stuck up his fingers at us. We all stuck up our fingers back.

When Freak was finished the spotlight came up on Chris and out came the opening bars of Israel’s Son. The crowd went ballistic. During the song Daniel moved his mic stand to the middle of the stage, sung there for a while, took the mic out and moved back to his side of the stage. He managed to change some of the words. "Suck my, suck my, suck my dick, Israel’s dick I’ll suck! Put your hands up your ass, put your hands up your ass! YEAH!"

Then came Nobody Came with Dan rubbing his guitar over the speakers to create a real grinding noise. He climbed a small stack just behind him which was unsteady so he got down quick and rolled around on the floor producing massive feedback, while literally humping his guitar. He played while Chris and Ben had a bit of a rest, Chris puffing on the speaker stack behind him looking over at Daniel rolling on the floor and smiling at him.

Then out came Ben’s awesome gong bass and combo drums, ready for the Freak Remix, Dan was still rolling on the floor and Ben ran out from behind his drums to the new ones. His sexy little legs rocked in time to the music. The heaters came on once again. Daniel once again sung with his exorcist voice for most of the song. He climbed the left (stage right) speaker stack, crawled around on his knees and sung into the blinding white lights. Ice from the crowd was flying everywhere towards him. He walked along to the far left side of the speakers, sung into the audience on that side and jumped on the way back. He then sat down and started swinging his legs, us noticing for the first time that night his plum red, bitten down, chipped nail polish. He jumped off the stack, ran frantically around the stage, then climbed the right (stage left) speaker stack. He lay down and rolled around, his head arched back looking upside down at the crowd, dreads sticking out everywhere. Sharp spasms and orgasmic groans were let loose. Climbing back down, screaming, "SUCK MY FUCKING DICK" and throwing his guitar down, he left the stage followed by Ben, Chris being the last to leave the stage. Parts of the techno version was still playing after they left for another minute or two, leaving the guys enough time to make a quick get away. The lights then came back on and it was all over.

Highlights of the gig were definitely the Freak Remix with Dan climbing the stacks and Ben going for it out the front. We also loved Spawn as well as No Association and the big ending of Nobody Came. We were disappointed that they didn’t play Learn to Hate, but Dan’s vocal chords were probably too stuffed to cope with the screaming chorus. The entire set went for 1 hour and 15 minutes. It went too quick we wish they could have played for longer.

All we can say is THAT THE CHAIR ABSOLUTELY ROCKED! The crowd loved every minute of it. (We need more of this stuff in Bendigo!) We can’t wait till the ‘chair come back with their new album. They certainly have the energy, promise, experience, attitude and great stage presence for an awesome future!!! GOOD LUCK GUYS!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!