The Palace - Melbourne, Australia


We've always enjoyed seeing silverchair play at The Palace, so, we couldn't ignore the opportunity to see them again, even though we had seen them the previous night.

Biscuit was the first band on and they were OK. Magic Dirt were the support band again, only tonight's performance could only be described as a disjointed mess. (If you drink and play, you're a bloody idiot. You sound like one anyway.)

As the floor filled with people waiting for silverchair, I noticed the differences in tonight's crowd from last night. Mainly that there were more guys in the crowd and they were bigger than the screaming teens from the previous night. (I was already starting to count the bruises.)

The chants went up after Magic Dirt and a great roar greeted the band as they arrived on stage and started to play Freak. Whew! Talk about a vicious moshpit! Elbows and feet flying everywhere.

Cemetery was even better than the album version. Daniel sang his heart out as the sweat dripped off his face. Faultline had the extended ending which gave the moshpit the chance to go crazy for longer than usual. From up close, we could see that Chris was having a great time - he really loves to play live. Ben was bashing the shit out of his skins as usual.

The funniest moment in the show was when someone threw a T shirt on stage that managed to completely cover Daniel's face. He very politely (ha!) told the crowd what they could do with their clothes and shoes. (Melbourne usually gives the 'chair a hard time, but that's because we really like them; if we didn't care, we wouldn't bother! Maybe someone should tell Daniel that.)

Next funniest would be when an audience member screamed at Daniel while he was talking to the audience to "just f*$#ing sing!" Daniel's sweet reply was "just f*$#ing shut up!".

The sound quality was really awesome, as was the light show. Daniel's voice and performance left no doubt that here was a band to be reckoned with. Dare I say their material is much better live than on the CD (and the CD is excellent). One of few bands who look and sound good at the Palace.

The Final song was the Freak Remix. Awesome! Fantastic! Unbelievably good! The mosh pit exploded into a frenzied tribal rhythm for the final song of the evening, whilst on stage the Chair got to the heart of the moment. I think everyone there enjoyed the raw energy and emotion from the band.

(Daniel's closing trick was to spit really high in the air and catch it again in his mouth. What a honey!)

Songs in the set (in no particular order):

Abuse Me
Nobody Came
Pop Song For Us Rejects
No Association
Suicidal Dream
Minor Threat
The Door
Israel's Son
Encore: Freak Remix