Workers Club - Newcastle, Australia

Set List:

Slave (with Israel's Son intro)
The Closing
Abuse Me
Pure Massacre

Daniel: "All right. Um, yeah, so, what do you think about BHP? I think they suck. This song has to do with the political... business... um... all right, sorry. Turn the soapbox off, please."


Daniel: "The next song's about suicide and um, and if you're still thinking about it, don't do it, because it's fucked."

Suicidal Dream

Daniel: "All right, um, I've got something to say and it's very important, so listen up. No, it's not important, but if you want, you can listen. Imagine, right, you're like laying in the sand, just laying there, just gettin' sandy, and you develop this really bad, like, fungusy rash. And you started scratching it and it went like yellow, green and whatever other colours fungusy rashes get. And you went to the doctor and they said there was nothing wrong. But it got worse and started coming off on the itchy carpet, and you realized you were allergic to sand and you got it all in your hair and you started going bald and um, developed funny penis-shaped objects on your chest. I just thought that'd be funny."

The Door

Daniel: "Put your hand up if you're a jock. Yeah, jocks, we salute you. All right, put your hand up if you're a grunge cadet. All right, grunge cadets win so far. Put your hand up if you're a fuckwit. Ah, we have many a fuckwit in the house. I didn't say it, you did! Um, put your hand up if you're homosexual. Yeah! Gay pride! I'm not -- I'm bi, 'cause that's the cool thing to be... 'Cause bisexual is cool. And if you'll try anything, you're trisexual. Oh, sorry."

No Association

Daniel: "This song's from a movie soundtrack. It's about animal liberation and sex with toys."

Minor Threat
Israel's Son
Advance Australia Fair
Freak remix



I think it is really weird the way Newcastle reacts when local bands come to perform. They either love 'em or hate 'em. In this case, I think Newcastle is finally waking up to see that we have one of the most talented bands in the world based right here. The Newie Workers Club was packed to capacity with a sold out crowd of 2500. The main auditorium has a really big dance floor which was completely jamed with moshers.

The song that created the best mosh was definatly "Freak" - as soon as the coils started to change colour the crowd went wild and when they launched into "throw the sailors over board" the mosh went off.

Daniel had 'wise words' for the audience about suicide, and it was obvious how much the touring has payed off - it was such a polished performance. His timing to Ben's drumming is unreal - but I spose thats where 'practise makes perfect' comes in.

I'd just like to say that silverchair rock and they do Newcastle proud. I hope they play again soon in Newie - WE LUV YUS.



ok, I have never been the biggest fan of silverchair, but coming from around the Newcastle area, I have always liked them a bit. Anyway, One of my friends dragged me down to the Worker's club on the 3rd because she had a spare ticket, plus they were a one of the bands that I hadent seen live before, so I went along and had one the best nights of my life!!!!!

Their perfomance blew me away, it was unbelievable, I couldn't believe how good they were, also it was one of the wildest moshes I have been in! The remix of "Freak" was the highlight for me, especially when Daniel climbed on top of the 4 metre high speakers.

Despite the amount of teeny-boppers there, I had the time of my life and now I am so happy that I went!!! And Daniel: what a God!!!



I went with some friends to go and see silverchair in Newcastle on December 3rd, at the Newcastle Workers club.

While we were waiting in the line, this red car drove past the line, and it was beeping and everyone was screaming. You could see Daniel's arm over the top of the car giving the finger, and Chris was just sitting there, smiling and waving. I didn't see ben but my friend said she saw Ben mooning the crowd.

After Magic Dirt and No Reason finished, everyone was really hyped, and every time the stage hands moved a curtain or something, everyone would scream.

They eventually came on, and played Slave with the Israel's Son intro. When they played Abuse Me, Daniel said the other guitar bit was being played by this dude from Black Sabbath, who now works for them or something, I can't remember.

Daniel kept on doing this heaps weird yoga type thing, like putting his arms out to the side, but i think he was cracking his back.

Ben has a mohawk, again. But this ones like a spiky one, like a lizard or something. And Chris has re shaved his head. Chris must have had some trouble with the bass line during slave, cause Daniel was getting really pissed off, like singing the first part of the line, then rolling his eyes, and waving his finger round at Chris, and shaking his head.

When they did the freak remix (which was wicked), Daniel went psycho. He was racing round the stage, and eventually kind of pulled himself up onto the speaker stack, like a caterpillar. He kind of stood on the edge, like he was gonna jump, but he finally got back down. I think he had two mics by then, and was just going "freak, freak, freak" into each one alternatively. he chucked one of them away after a while. Then he climbed these other speakers, and stood there, and just let this spit trail down his shirt.

Ben was out the front playing these weird drums, which sounded wicked in the remix.

Daniel was kind of talkative, but not to much. He got going on the whole bisexual thing but when he put his hand up about being gay, these chicks down the front must have gone "Daniel, you CAN'T be gay" or something, cause he looked down at them and said "don't cry about it" then he went "nah, im not gay, im bi!"

At one point someone chucked a shoe at him, and missed him by about 10 cm's. He goes in the middle of a song "FUCK YOU!"

Tomorrow sounded almost the same as on the album, but Daniel changed the lyrics (like always), and got offended when people started sing the words, so he just goes, "Fine, sing it yourselves then". He comes in with "the cum out of the tap is very hard to drink" and also " you say that money isn't everything, but I'd like to see you live on dog shit. You think you can keep on going living like a slut, oh yeah, but I strongly doubt it"

That's all I can remember, but I think that the albums do not do them justice...they go off live! I thought it was the best show they've done in the "Summer Freak Shows," and it was wicked!