Silverchair Rewards their Fans


Some bands like to make sure that their big fans are the ones that get the tickets to special events -- and silverchair is definitely one of them. Tonight the Aussie trio will preview their second album, Freak Show in front of an audience that includes 300 fans who got their tickets because they're signed up for the silverchair e-mail newsletter. They were sent a special message informing them of the date and the location of the show and were able to buy tickets for the bargain price of $12.50 each. If you're a big silverchair fan, you should: a) sign up for the newsletter by going to www.chairpage.com, the band's official website; and b) check out tonight's concert on the Internet at the same address.

Sure, there have been plenty of concert cybercasts lately. But how many bands have done a cybercast that previews stuff from their new album TWO MONTHS before it's even out? Well, tonight you can hear silverchair doing just that for their new album, Freak Show, due out Feb. 4th. They'll be broadcasting from The Troubador in West Hollywood, where they've been billed as "The George Costanza Trio" (George Costanza is Jason Alexander's character on Seinfeld). You can tune in by going to www.chairpage.com or www.silverchairnet.com. You'll need RealAudio for the festivities, which start at 9pm PT. The chairpage address (which is the band's new, official website) will also have the audio available later for those who miss the live broadcast.