Silverchair Tours Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

(Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Members of Australia's No. 1 band, Silverchair, toured the rock hall Monday with their fathers before their sold-out Agora Theatre show. They just went down and bought tickets like everyone else.

Singer Daniel Johns, 16 on April 22, is the oldest. The others, drummer Ben Gillies and bassist Chris Joannou, turned 16 last month.

The band is on its summer vacation now from Newcastle High School in New South Wales, Australia. Reports had come through that they were shy and hard to talk to. A little shy maybe, but very polite, glad to pose with Jaron Santelli, 13. And more interested in hearing about their own heroes, the Who and Led Zeppelin, than in talking about their single, Tomorrow, which went platinum in one week. silverchair is scheduled to be on Saturday Night Live tomorrow.