Brisbane River Stage - Brisbane, Australia

Set List:

Slave (with Israel's Son intro)
The Closing
Abuse Me
Pure Massacre

Daniel: "Thank you very much. Obscenity is absurd. Obscenity is absurd -- remember that. 'Cause in some places you can get arrested for swearing. Dependent on how much you need to have freedom of speech. This isn't hot, by the way. If anybody's hot, please, it's not, it's cool."

Suicidal Dream

Daniel: "Just wait, I have something good to say. Ready? This next song singlehandedly is going to free the world from racial hatred and prejudice..."

The Door

Daniel: "We've got a game to play. It's called 'pick the non-jumper.' And I won't tell you all the rules but what we'll do is statistically work out who the biggest non-jumper in the crowd is. It's this guy, the biggest non-jumper, here we go. Hey, wait, wait, wait! Let this guy on stage. Stand up, show 'em. I think his name is Lucas Goodwin. This song's a love song. It's a love song to hate."

No Association
Israel's Son
Advance Australia Fair
Freak remix



Well last night I went to the Brisbane Summer Freak Show, it was cool.

As usual, whenever the light changed colour or moved, the crowd, especially the mosh pit went wild Then when 'chair came out with their first song, "Slave." I think everyone took a step back cause of the thump in their heart from the first beat. I know I did.

And while they were doing that, some how a guy got up in the stage and started dancing like "i got on the stage, cool!" but then as quick as anything a bouncer came and picked the guy up and took him off the stage, and the this guy was pretty big as well but it was effortless for the bouncer.

Then they went on with their other songs but I can't remember the order, "Spawn" was cool. "No Assoication" I loved, well thats probably cause its one of my favourite songs. Daniel called it a love song. "Abuse Me" was cool.

When "Tomorrow" was playing, Daniel didn't bother singing some of it cause the crowd was singing along so loud.

Then with Daniel's little speach about drugs, how they are no good "they may stimulate your mind for a while but they send ya down bad roads and thats...bad."

I can tell ya a he got a lot of booing for that but also a lot of "thats really good, he's right and it's good that he's saying it cause he is a role model"

"The Closing" came in the middle of the concert which was cool

Then Daniels other little speech, first with "oh wait I had somthing good to say...," then "oh yea umm this song is going to single handedly change the worlds viewing of racisim and criticism and all that." The song he was talking about was "The Door."

Then when they came back on stage after their 'break' and played "Freak" which was cool with the heaters going off.

Then i think what all the crowd wanted was "Isreals Son," when the bass started there was a roar of excitement. The mosh was just going off and so was everyone else, it was cool.

Then something different happened, someone came on the stage and took some drums and put them in front of the normal drum kit and then they started to play, well i think it was "Freak" but in the techno version, it was cool, with Daniel running and jumping all over the stage with someone trying to follow him to make sure he had enough lead on the mic. But that didn't matter anyways because he through it up and kinda cought it.

Then to everyones disappointment they left. Within seconds all of the guitars and the basses were packed up.

Overall it was a cool concert, i just wish it was longer. Maybe if they played for just over 2 hours instead of the 1hour & 45 minutes even if they fart arse around between songs, I think everyone would be able to enjoy each song better.

But they rocked. I wish I was going to Springboard on the goldcoast.

I am so glad about LAS having the thing for members to buy tickets in advance.

Well this is my impression of the Brissy Summer Freak Show.