Kondari Resort - Hervey Bay, Australia


This is the concert that I went to. I rocked up at about 6:20 p.m. and the doors didn't open till around 7:00. After lining up, I didn't get in till 7:45 p.m. There was a person on line crowd surfing on a body board! When I finally got inside, I headed to the mosh pit but the gig had not started yet. At about 8:10 Magic Dirt took to the stage, but not all was impressive as the crowd was not pleased that silverchair had not appeared on stage yet. During the Magic Dirt songs the crowd started yelling out "SILVERCHAIR!" I don't really know what the time was when they left the stage and when silverchair came on. I just remember the crowd yelling and screaming!

The house was packed and the whole room was like one big mosh pit! Daniel said that every one had to have water as it was very hot, and if not, he said, "I will sing Hanson songs for the rest of the night!"

As nobody moved to get water, he started to sing Mmm-Bop, but then he stopped. Ben also left the drums and sang us a song.

"I know a woman dressed in red!" he sang. It was a bit sick!

Daniel also sang the last song, the Freak remix, in techno form. He jumped up on to the speakers, and made out that he was going to jump off in to the crowd.