Rock-It Festival - Perth, Australia


Set List:

Israel’s Son
Emotion Sickness
Pure Massacre
Ana's Song (Open Fire)
Miss You Love
Satin Sheets
Kick Out The Jams
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000

We didn't arrive at rock-it until later, but when we did, a large crowd had accumulated. silverchair came on stage approx. 9.05pm, clearly showing by the crowd that the majority of the people were there to see them.

Daniel was wearing the purple flared pants he has been wearing at previous shows, and this got a response from the people who hadn't already seen the pictures from those shows. Daniel spoke his first words after Emotion Sickness, by telling us 'Don't play in the mud, because mud is dum spelt backwards'

After a powerful version of Slave, he said 'all you be very careful down in the um, mosh, mosh pit, because it looks like some people are getting hurt, and if people get hurt, Ben’s not going to play, and if Ben doesn’t play, there’s no drums, and if there’s no drums, there’s no rock, and if there’s no rock, everyone goes home disappointed. This caused discomfort for the people who felt the need to yell out abuse, because they obviously weren’t fussed about silverchair playing (annoying factor at festivals ).

Daniel did a solo of Pure Massacre, that got a lot of people singing, as did Ana’s Song and Miss You Love. After a extended count into Satin Sheets, Daniel complained how hot it was and ordered the crowd be sprayed with some 'high quality h20. He then stated for the next song 'they needed physical participation, participation equals perspiration and perspiration is yours and mine and our friends, so you get the fuck up' and silverchair played a more intense version of Madman.

Kick Out The Jams was introduced by 'Ready to kick out the jams motherfuckers?!' After that came what I thought was the highlight of the night, Daniel singing mambo number 5, then breaking into genie in a bottle, adding in little rap noises and changing the lyrics to 'I’m a genie in a bottle baby, come come come and fuck me now' he then did his usual, 'Does anyone hear believe in Jesus Christ? Does anyone hear believe in Satan? and then Does anyone hear believe in Rock and roll? this created the largest response, and Daniel asked Perth for his famous "can I get a hallelujah'. Freak was pretty much taken over by the crowd, they then played a great performance with Anthem. After the band left, I think the majority of the crowd thought they would be back, but failed to. All in all, I think this silverchair performance was the best one I have ever seen, Daniel seemed a lot more comfortable, the guys put in an extra good performance and with the added extras of the pants and the little pop covers, it made the gig more enjoyable. Now the wait is on until 2001.