Tabernacle - Atlanta, USA

Set List:

Israel's Son
Emotion Sickness
Pure Massacre
Ana's Song
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000
Spawn Again


The silverchair and Blink182 concert kicked ass. The there were only two flaws There were too many preppy teeny boppers there screaming and passing out, that have never been to a rock concert before. And that the mosh pit sucked, because no one felt like jumping around, and that pissed a lot of people off.

Before I went to the concert, silverchair and Blink 182 were going to sign autographs at the 99Xyberfest, at the Cobb Galleria Centre. I brought my Neon Ballroom CD to get signed. When silverchair walked by me, about five feet away, they looked a lot shorter in person, then on TV or pictures. Daniel had his hands in his pockets and looked really depressed. Ben and Chris just looked a little bit happy. While I was getting my CD signed, Ben and Daniel kept whispering something to each other. After the autograph signing, I left the galleria to go to the Tabernacle to see silverchair in concert.

While I was waiting outside, people were giving out bags of peanuts to everyone who was going to the concert. I was given four bags and a free T-shirt. Everyone brought their new goodies inside into the Tabernacle.

The concert started at 7:30, with Fenix TX, and they rocked. Once they were done playing, the band got off stage. Lights all around Ben’s drumset and Daniel’s microphone turned on, and it made everyone start screaming. Daniel got on stage, and started off with Israel’s Son. He was wearing his sparkling shirt, with a dark blue University of Akron shirt underneath. He was talking to the audience and said, Jacksonville was the most uplifting crowd we’ve ever had, but maybe you can out do them. Unfortunately, we din’t because hardly anyone in the front refused to move around. I din’t jump around too much because I didn’t want to hurt all the teenys that were around me.

About the middle of the concert, Daniel was giving his microphone a blow job for about 10 seconds, which I thought was very funny. It grossed out a lot of the straight guys that were around me, but I’m sure it turned on most of the bisexuals that were in the building. Once he was done sucking his mic, he started playing Spawn Again. Most of us that knew the lyrics, were screaming along with him. I personally think that was the best song during the whole concert.

silverchair got off stage, and a few minutes later Blink 182 came on. I ran up to the third floor (which is really high) so that I could throw some stuff at the band. I had a few packs of peanuts left, and during the song, (Dammit) I threw them directly at the lead guitarist. Once the bag of peanuts hit his guitar, he had a really puzzled look on his face, and looked around the mosh pit to see who threw it. He gave up, then he started playing again. Blink were saying, "Oral sex can bring this world together, come on let’s go have oral sex!" Then they sang some songs about porno films and other sex related topics.

All in all, the concert was great. silverchair and Blink182 are both very good, talented bands. When they come back in concert, I’ll be there.