Riverview Music Shed - Jacksonville, USA

Set List:

Israel's Son
Emotion Sickness
Pure Massacre
Ana's Song
Satin Sheets
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000


silverchair is by far my favorite band, so when I found out they were touring with Blink-182 I figured I would see if they would stop by Jacksonville. To my surprise they were scheduled to, so I quickly bought tickets the day they went on sale. On the night of the show, three of my friends and I went to the Riverview Music Shed, where none of us had ever been. The venue itself was exactly that, a shed. The Sheds were a cool location to have a concert, because it was sort of like you were outside, yet your were inside too.

We arrived to The Sheds and found a good spot to stand. The doors had only been opened ten minutes when we got there, and it was already flooded with teens and the few teeny boppers there were hoping see Blink streak across the stage (which didn't happen).

After a little while of standing in the ever-growing crowd, everyone began to chant "Start the Show," and within five minutes Fenix TX came out on stage. I must admit they weren't that bad, but I couldn't wait until silverchair came out next.

Once Fenix was finished with their set, the roadies set up for silverchair. The set was very cool, with neon lights around all the equipment that changed colors to the beats. When the Aussie trio came onto the The Sheds stage, after the "Taxi" theme, the crowd began to scream. The mosh pit was was going on more strong than with Fenix. silverchair started with "Israel's Son" and ended with "Anthem," with Daniel chatting to the crowd in between. I had never seen silverchair live before and it was a very awesome expierience!

After a long break and the crowds' "We want Blink" chants, Blink-182 strolled onto the stage. They were'nt that bad, I've heard they are aweful live. It seemed that were stretching the time out, as they made up little jingles about Jacksonville and "What are people from Jacksonville called, Jack-offs?" Blink came out for an encore with "Silent Night" and that ended the awesome concert. I had lots of fun, and hope to see silverchair again!



I noticed all the other shows say "Kick Out The Jams", but I've never heard that song and didn't hear anything like it at the concert.

Crowd favorites seemed to be Israel's Son, Slave, Pure Massacre (especially when Daniel yelled "get the fuck up"), and Freak. Ana's Song got a lot of cheeting but the acoustics at the shed were really lousy. At the beginning of Anthem, Daniel kept repeating "we are the youth," but there was little response from the crowd. There were a lot of punks there, and I think everyone just wanted to see Blink-182, even though I personally think silverchair put on a better show.