Roy Wilkens Auditorium - Minneapolis, USA

Set List:

Israel's Son
Emotion Sickness
Kick Out The Jams
Pure Massacre
Ana's Song (Open Fire)
The Door
Anthem for the Year 2000


This FIFTH time seeing silverchair proved to be one of the greatest, worst, and funniest times I've seen them, all wrapped into one show! I go to school in Iowa City, IA, and I live in Chicago, so i was pretty upset when i saw that the chair wasnt' coming to Chicago on this tour, but that didn't stop me, my friend Laura came in from Chicago, and we drove from Iowa to Minnesota and missed all our classes.

After we finally found the Roy Wilkens Auditorium, we had to wait around for a while before they opened the doors. Being that my friend and I are 19, we are usually some of the oldest fans there, besides the parents taking their kids of course, so we noticed that the fans seemed to be younger and a little different that we were used to seeing. So we guessed that the majority of them were Blink 182 fans.

We found our seats in the balcony, and after a little while, Fenix TX came on. They were OK, I couldnt' really understand the singer, but the mosh seemed to like them and they were loud so it was OK! Then I had to sit with my knees shaking waiting to hear the familiar "are you talking to me..." But soon enough the boys came on stage and started Israel's Son... This was just about the time that I almost got into a fight with the boy sitting next to me, because the first thing outta his mouth when Daniel came on stage was, "YOU SUCK!" so I got in his face and told him to shut up or go somewhere else...and he shut up pretty fast.

I was so excited to be seeing silverchair again, but the crowd just didn't seem too into them. Besides Laura and I, and a few others here and there, we were the only people in the balcony standing up, and the mosh wasn't even moving that much for Israel's Son or even Pure Massacre. But i tried not to let that get to me, and I just sang along and took pictures. (I was sooo lucky to get my camera in, the lady searching us was so dumb!)

Chris was wearing his usual awesome neon orange pants, and his hair was looking pretty long. Ben was shirtless as usual, and Daniel had on his silvery shirt with his University of Akron (I think) shirt on under it, with black pants and these white gym shoes that I've never seen him wear before! But they all looked GREAT!

The crowd gave a squeal of joy when they played Ana's Song, but otherwise I was not seeing too many fans really into the set. Daniel tried talking to the crowd a few times, I couldn't hear too well though. Once he did say that Minnesota was famous for their football team, and maybe their baseball team. Then he asked for everyone to yell the name of the football team after he would say Minnesota... and he did, and the crowd just kinda yelled, so Daniel said alright "the Minnesota ARGHHSSS!" It was pretty funny! Then he did ask if we read the bible. He asked, "Do you belive in the power of Jesus Christ?" Do you belive in the power of Satan?" I think the crowd was confused at this point, and they didn't understand where Daniel was coming from, but I thought it was great. Daniel also was doing these dance moves across the stage, he was really moving his hips and getting into it! He was also doing moves like Pete Townshed, swinging his arm in a big circle when he played the guitar. Then he would also strike these poses when he wasn't playing guitar.

When Anthem started, I was so upset cause I knew it was almost over. Daniel tried to get the crowd to repeat "we are the youth," but again they didn't seem to into it. AND, at the end of the song, Daniel got hit in the head with a cup of something, and people had been throwing toilet paper on stage all set. So he just threw his guitar down and walked off stage when the song was over.

Ulitmately, silverchair was great, they played a great set, and there's nothing better then seeing silverchair play live. I just wish that the crowd would've been into it more for the sake of the guys, and maybe for my sake too, I felt like I was defending silverchair all night (which i would do under any circumstance anyway!) But when the crowd went nuts for Blink 182, I had to leave, I didn't want to sit through that, and the guy that decided it would be cool to take ALL his clothes off for Whats My Age Again? So we left for our five hour ride home, and of course I got a speeding ticket on the way home while listening to "Miss You Love" I oughta make the boys pay for that one! But I was so glad I got to see them again even if I had to be defensive all night, it was DEFINITELY worth it!



The show had a sold out crowd. More Blink 182 fans then I had ever seen. After a band that doesn't deserve much credit, silverchair took the stage. Bass rang through the arena as "Israel's Son" began. Immediately the crowd went nuts. But the people weren't really too enthusiastic about seeing silverchair too much. Still, the girls in the place were making my ear drums crack. Before "The Door" played, Daniel asked who in the crowd believed in Jesus and nobody screamed. Then he asked who in crowd believed in Satan, and some girls screamed. Then he went on saying that silverchair isn't there to support anything but rock 'n roll. That was pretty cool.

At the end, during the last few chords of "Anthem," someone threw a cup with beer in it at Daniel and hit him in the head. After the song he threw his guitar down and ran off the stage. I didn't want to see Blink 182 because the last time I did they weren't very good. So I went off and looked for the buses but went the wrong way around the building. I was able to sell the extra ticket I had cause my friend didn't go. And as we were leaving we saw the buses and stopped. After waiting an hour, Ben came out and signed autographs and signed my shirt and even put hair on the "bald headed Ben" picture on my shirt. Then more people had things for him to sign but then I got a chance to talk to him about the MC5 song they played and he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about and then he said "Yeah I think that's them". Seeing that he had to go I said his band rocked and he said, "thanks alot" and we left. Great show, as always.