Cal Poly Rec. Center - San Luis Obispo, USA

Set List:

Israel's Son
Emotion Sickness
Pure Massacre
Ana's Song
Satin Sheets
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000


After standing in the wonderful long line, I finally reached the doors. I bought a couple of shirts after entering the Cal Poly Rec. Center, and then headed off into the gym and stood on the floor. I stayed towards the back while Fenix TX played, and moved up closer for silverchair.

They opened with "Israel's Son." It was very great and it really got the crowd pumped up. Of course, I got shoved back and to the side as many mosh pits broke out in the crowd. I was trying to take pictures, which kept being interrupted becos of the crowd rocking out to silverchair. Well, they did a great job getting the audience alive. "Emotion Sickness" was truly wonderful, and "Slave" followed after that.

Daniel talked about the show the night before in Phoenix (Mesa) and how the crowd was so boring. I found this funny since I was at the Mesa show the night before, and the only highlights of that show were the sound problem during "Freak," and where Ben mooned the crowd. Daniel at first stumbled on what he was going to say next, but soon remembered.

He did his "Who here believes in Satan?" There were some screams from the crowd. "No, no, no." Daniel said. Then continued "Who here believes in God?" Lots of screams from the crowd. "Yes, yes, yes!" Daniel said as he continued on with his point about that religious topic, or so I guess. A lot of the crowd attendees were not very pleased with that I guess, and some attendees started flipping off Daniel. Then he did his "Hallelujah" stuff, and they went into playing "The Door," which is a favourite of mine live because you learn how great Sam really is on keyboards. They closed with Anthem, which was rather dope, and they left the stage afterwards.