Transcript: Silverchair's First U.S. radio Interview

By 99X Music Director Sean Demory with Daniel Johns and Ben Gillies (WNNX Atlanta)

Sean: It's 5:25. Please welcome to our studio, it's silverchair! Yeah! I have Daniel over here and Ben over here, and Chris is over at the Roxy doing what? The newspaper?

Ben: Nah, I dunno what he is doing.

Daniel: He's doing a bass solo.

Ben: Yeah! He's doing the bass solo. We're not playing tonight.

Sean: OK... So, how many radio interviews have you guys done so far?

Daniel: Ummm... ah....

Ben: This is our first one.

Sean: This is your first American one.

Daniel: Yep.

Sean: How many Aussie interviews have you done?

Daniel: 400. Something like that.

Sean: You guys are huge over there, right?

Daniel & Ben: No, not really.

Sean: No, not really, OK, fine! On the cover of Rolling Stone in Australia.

Daniel & Ben: No we're not really that huge.

Sean: Well, welcome to our fair city. What have you done since you've gotten here besides the sound check?

Daniel & Ben: Magic Mountain (large amusement park in Los Angeles, CA)

Sean: You went to Magic Mountain?

Daniel: That is the best place in the whole world!

Sean: Really? You guys have stuff like that down there, don't you?

Ben: No, not the roller coasters.

Daniel: No.

Sean: Like the Viper -- it strikes twice you know!

Daniel: What strikes twice?

Sean: The Viper -- it goes like down around and up and it goes backwards.

Daniel: Oh yeah, that's right. I remember riding that.

Ben: We've ridden on the Viper a few times.

Sean: So you guys are out right now from school so you have time to do this for us. And we appreciate your doing this. It's excellent, it's very excellent.

Daniel: Oh, thanks, that's OK.

Sean: I am going to ask you just the dumb radio questions because you know, a lot of people, you guys have just come out from nowhere. You know the album is just available in stores as of yesterday. By the way, it's sold out, so wait till the stores get some more in. Tell us a little bit about the band. There's three of you right now -- I guess there was originally four. But bands are always like that. Always trying new people out.

Daniel & Ben: Yeah.

Daniel: We used to have four, and now we've got three.

Sean: OK, Dan, so you are the lead singer right?

Daniel: Yep.

Sean: And you play?

Daniel: Drums...

Ben: Guitar...

Sean: [laughs]

Ben: Daniel is actually an idiot.

Sean: An idiot, OK. And Ben, what do you play?

Ben: Drums.

Sean: Drums? OK. And you play one of those loud guitars?

Daniel: Yeah, I guess...

Ben: It's got six strings.

Daniel: Yeah, six strings.

Daniel and Ben: Yeah.

Ben: And Chris plays the bass 'cause it has four.

Sean: So I am going to ask you the stupid radio questions. What are the band's influences?

Ben: Helmet.

Daniel: Rollins Band.

Ben: Helmet's the main influence.

Daniel: Tool.

Ben: Yeah, Tool.

Daniel: Except for when we wrote Tomorrow the main influence was Pearl Jam.

Ben: Yeah.

Daniel: But now we're not really into them anymore. We just listen to Tool and Helmet and Rollins Band.

Ben: And Led Zeppelin.

Daniel: Yeah, Led Zeppelin and stuff.

Sean: Have you guys had a chance to see many live shows down in Australia? I mean, I don't know 'cause I'm not from your continent. Do a lot of bands come through or...

Ben: We saw Helmet at Livid -- and that was very legendary.

Daniel: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Daniel: Best band.

Sean: OK, cool. They're smiling, so Helmet is a yeah and Pearl Jam is a neee... OK, so I got it. So what do you guys like to do in your spare time? You guys still writing a lot of music? Is this your first CD?

Ben: Yup.

Daniel: Our first album.

Ben: Not the first CD, but our first album.

Daniel: First album. Not the first CD though.

Sean: But your first album. Complete works all together. OK. So how long have you guys been playing together?

Ben: Three years. Yep.

Daniel: Yep.

Sean: Taking out time for meals of course.

Ben: Yep.

Daniel: It's probably been like about six years but we deduct time for sleeping.

Sean: Yeah, uh huh. Build those strong healthy bones.

Ben: That's why we ate a lot of plane food. We like plane food.

Sean: What did you guys fly over to the states? What airline?

Ben: Qantas, I think.

Sean: Qantas?

Daniel: Yeah.

Ben: Qantas.

Sean: What kind of grub did they have on the Qantas planes?

Daniel: I didn't eat it. I drank water. Oh, no, no.

Ben: I had steak.

Daniel: Yeah, we had steak.

Sean: They serve steak on Qantas?

Daniel: Yeah, 'cause we were upgraded to first class.

Sean: Oh man, I'm bogus where I'm flying then. I'm going to Europe this weekend and I think I'm eating like trail mix or something.

Daniel: Doesn't bogus mean good?

Sean: Uh, no, it's bad here.

Daniel & Ben: Oh, OK.

Sean: What's bogus mean down under?

Daniel: Good.

Ben: We dunno, we don't say it.

Daniel: No, it means good.

Ben: Why?

Daniel: 'Cause it's on that stupid show, um, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Sean: Oh yeah, there you go. Maybe I picked it up from that, I dunno. So what do you guys do? Do you play any video games or anything like that?

Ben: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah.

Ben: Well, sometimes. We like... uh...

Daniel: Daytona.

Ben: Daytona.

Daniel: Best game.

Sean: Really?

Ben: The card game.

Sean: That's on what, it is on NES or Nintendo?

Ben: Nah, it's like on...

Daniel: It's on arcade.

Ben: Yeah, like video games.

Sean: It's on like arcade? It's kinda hard to bring one of those along on the bus.

Daniel: Yeah, couldn't bring that.

Sean: So, OK, you guys are going to come in tonight and do the show. And then what are you guys going to do tomorrow?

Daniel: Fly to Chicago or something? Oh, no, Chicago or somewhere. Yep, Chicago.

Ben: Chicago.

Sean: Chicago?

Ben: Yep.

Sean: One helluva town. What are they gonna do up there, Stu?

Stu: Play a show on Friday.

Sean: So is this their first U.S. show?

Stu: First!

Daniel: Can I ask a question?

Sean: Yeah!

Daniel: Is there any beaches like anywhere in this country.

Sean: Yeah.

Daniel: 'Cause like everywhere we've been, we've been two million miles away from the beach.

Ben: Two million miles?

Sean: Well, yeah, Atlanta is about two million and three miles from the beach and Chicago is two million 700 miles from the beach.

Daniel: Sheeez!

Sean: So your tour director needs a bad scolding.

Ben: Is there any good roller coasters in Atlanta?

Sean: Six Flags.

Ben: Yeah? Is that like really big?

Sean: It's really big.

Ben: Is it like as good as Magic Mountain?

Sean: It is a Magic Mountain.

Daniel: It is Magi... Duhhhhhh.

Ben: Ahh, I'm sorry, Mr. Intellectual.

Sean: Yes, matter of fact it's in the same chain as the Magic Mountain. You went to Magic Mountain yesterday, is that what you guys did?

Ben: Oh, yeah.

Sean: Yeah, it's in the same chain. You went to the one out in [Los Angeles], right?

Ben: Yup.

Sean: Yeah, it's the same chain. Owned by the same people.

Ben: Does it got as big a roller coaster?

Daniel: Yes, it's the same thing.

Ben: Ahhh, shut up you, I wasn't talking to you.

Daniel Ohhhhh. You are a moron.

Sean: OK, OK, so this is "Roller Coaster Talk," so don't give your name. I think we have some people on the phone that want to ask you some questions. Do you have a question for the band?

Caller: [No sound]

Sean: Are you comatose?

Daniel: There's no one there!

Sean: Take some adrenaline -- get back to us in the morning. It's 99X, do you have a question for the band?

Caller: Oh my God, am I on the air?

Sean: Well, I'm sorry. I apologize.

Caller: Yeah, I wanted to know how do you all like Atlanta and if you all are ever going to make a MTV video?

Sean: Oh, a video like for MTV and stuff. Are you guys working on that or is that being worked on?

Daniel: Yeah, it's being worked on. We did it with Mark Pellington.

Caller: You know what? Pearl Jam is still my favorite band y'all, I'm sorry! I've got to say, they rule!

Sean: Which band?

Caller: Pearl Jam.

Sean: That's OK, they say what?

Daniel: We said they're OK.

Ben: We don't really mind Pearl Jam.

Daniel: They're all right.

Caller: Oh, yeah, OK...

Sean: You know there's peaks and valleys in your liking of bands. Like at one time people really liked...

Caller: New Kids on the Block or something.

Daniel: No, not New Kids on the Block.

Sean: No, not really.

Daniel: They suck.

Sean: Onward and through a bent straw. Thanks for calling, OK? OK, that was the call for the day at the radio station. Everyone's just listening, it's silverchair playing tonight at the Roxy. It's a Freeloader's show, which means that if you have one of those 99X cards we're always yapping about, you get in absolutely free with a friend. OK, if you don't have a card it's $5 at the door, which is still a good price. And the money goes to Camp Something-or-another.

Daniel: Camp Creative... Camp Crusty, I think.

Ben: Camp Crusty?

Sean: Yeah, Camp Crusty, I think... that's right. So anyway, that's tonight. Rusty opens up and then silverchair comes on and then we all gone home and have a wonderful snack. So keep that in mind! Do you have any questions you wanna ask of us, you know?

Daniel: Ummm... yeah, can you play a Helmet song?

Ben: Yeah, In the Meantime.

Sean: A Helmet song? You need some Helmet?

Daniel: Yeah, in the meantime while we're waiting can you play a Helmet song?

Ben: Yeah!

Sean: Well, I was really thinking of playing something from this lovely CD.

Daniel & Ben: Nah... that'll be all right!

Daniel: You don't have to play something off that CD!

Sean: [laughs]

Ben: We'd rather listen to Helmet!

Sean: Ben, I got news for you. You know, this is a good CD. You'll like these guys! You'll like these guys!

Daniel: We don't want to listen to these guys, they suck.

Ben: Thanks man, better hide them!

Sean: Danny, what's a good cut from this CD? What do you like?

Daniel: Uhhh, nothing really.

Sean: Oh, Jesus... [throws CD down. All laugh.]

Ben: I like In the Meantime the best...

Daniel: How about you just pick...

Sean: I'm just gonna pick cut number one because that's one of the few I haven't played from this CD yet.

Daniel & Ben: OK.

Sean: This is silverchair. They sorta like their CD but they're not quite sure. It's on 99X.

Sean: [in background] That was lame but I still liked it.


Sean: OK, it's 99X and that is cut one from the silverchair CD. It's called, uh, Israel's Son and of course while I'm playing that, Daniel's over here signing CDs for us, thank you very much. And Ben is picking up on girls on lines 5, 6, 8 and 10.

Daniel: He's a stud.

Ben: Oh, shut up you geek.

Sean: OK, so -- yeah, writer's cramp. Just start signing stuff. We're gonna give that away to listeners and stuff, so when you guys are just huge people can go, "I got a silverchair CD with their names on it." Oh, that'd be cool, don't you think?

Daniel: It's never gonna happen.

Sean: Oh, bite me. [All laugh] It's funny, you just got off the plane, you have no idea what's been going on here for the last coupla weeks. It's just -- I went out to buy the CD -- I mean I'm glad we got some here -- I went to try to buy the CD this morning -- couldn't find it at four places! It was already sold out.

Daniel: You know what? We bought them!

Sean: Yeah, bite me!

Daniel: We did! We went and bought them. This morning we said we'll make it look like we sold some records. So we went out and bought all of them, the whole ten of them.

Sean: Lemme ask you some quick questions? Daniel, moshing?

Daniel: Moshing?

Sean: Like it, hate it, think it sucks, think it's cool, what?

Daniel: I think it's the best! I think a concert is totally "shivers" without it. If 's no moshing, it's boring.

Sean: OK. Do you guys like to eat before you go out and do your show or would you rather go on an empty stomach?

Daniel: Uhhh...

Ben: Empty stomach.

Sean: OK, empty stomach.

Daniel: Doesn't really matter.

Sean: These are just questions! If you don't want to answer... Ahhh, do you guys do any cover tunes?

Daniel: Yes. Every Helmet song.

Sean: Every Helmet song?

Daniel: Not really, we only cover two of them, but we never play it. Only sound check.

Sean: Not gonna do some Helmet tonight? Maybe just throw on in for giggles?

Daniel: No, not really.

Ben: We'll do Born Annoying.

Daniel: No we won't.

Ben: Please can we?

Daniel: No, Ben!

Ben: Please, Daniel, I want to do it.

Sean: Well, go see our lovely town and stuff. Ben, thanks for answering the phones.

Ben: No problem.

Sean: You get any phone numbers?

Ben: Ahh, no, no, no. Daniel has to... I got some for Daniel.

Daniel: Thanks, man!

Sean: They're for a friend, great! Guys, thanks for coming by. Say hello to Chris for us and we'll see you tonight!

Daniel: OK.

Sean: And were there people already out front? 'Cause I heard they were trying to... About 200. That's not too bad 'cause the Roxy holds between what 12,13,14 hundred or something like that?

Ben: We only saw about five out there. There's only about five.

Sean: Really, five people? [laughs] Get a life! So, that's silverchair, see them tonight. Thanks for coming by!

Daniel: Yeah, thanks!

Ben: OK

Sean: And now we rock...

[Thanks to Jerry Leveillee in Atlanta for the transcript!]